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4 Best Success Advice for Manifestation

The best success advice for manifestation

Amidst all the hassle of building your own business from scratch, negotiating a life-altering deal, or managing family and workplace situations, we find ourselves lost in the turmoil of doubts, worries and bad success advice. With increasing expectations from everyone, we tend to disregard our goals and make someone else’s emotional dilemma our own.

When you reminisce later, you question why you complied to such spurring needs and emotional bullshit. Setting priorities, putting a halt to distractions and controlling your destiny(?) — People may have a goals, agenda; but you have a dream. And you’ve got one shot.

The most common fear is the fear of rejection. We are emotionally programmed to be with the tribe. All human emotions are a result of something that you do not control. The only thing you CAN control is your thoughts, and through them, your actions.

Advice 1: Don’t follow the Norm β€” Pave Your Own Path

Stop reading success stories. Stop taking advices from spewing gimmicky influencers and youtubers. Do not follow the advice from anyone who is not where you want to be β€” Only consider them! And that includes your parents, friends and teachers.

I’m only here to tell you that you do not ‘follow’ any success advice β€” I’m telling you that no one is coming to hand you the key to the locked door. You must find the key yourself. Your approach must be based on facts, not positive emotions.

Use your own brain! When paving your own path, you’d clearly not know which way to go. And for that, you must use your imagination. Can you imagine your future clearly? See yourself where you want to be! Visualize and feel as though you’ve already achieved what you wanted? If you can read this, you absolutely can.

Advice 2: Step Out of Competitive Mindset!

Absolute waste of mental prowess. When your goal and purpose is to keep up with the joneses, you’d do just that. Step out of the rat race, and only then you’d be able to tap into a creative state.

You cannot manifest your desired reality from a competitive mindset. You cannot relate to the formless substance when you’re competing against something or someone. Stop measuring wealth. Nobody is above or below you.

Instead of navigating your actions as per external conditioning, you must focus on what YOU want! You are not someone else, nor will you succeed following someone’s manifestation or secret technique. Strike out all the non-sense and pave your own way β€” because that’s the only way.

To manifest what you want, you must discover what works for you! And you’ll only find what works for you when you look within yourself, find your reasons and purpose.

Advice 3: Don’t believe that joy and happiness is on the other side

Success has a natural tendency to bring loads of trash can with it. You’ll make enemies and friends. Some people will love and follow you, some will loath you and your success.

If you’re moving toward success, this is the best spot you’d want to be if you are lazy. Sooner or later, things are going to get tedious and you have to manage them effectively. Joy and happiness can be placid if they are derived from gratitude.

Advice 4: If you’re lazy, you can go home.

The law of attraction is not for lazy people. Don’t expect to manifest things directly from thin air by closing your eyes and doing manifestation meditation. To attract riches you must help the world find greater expression. Help people, build a business that creates immense value.

Find a problem and solve it. People face lots of problems, and they need you and your power to solve them.


Let’s summarize everything:

  1. You have to pave your own path.
  2. Do not compete; create instead.
  3. Develop gratitude for what you have.
  4. Do what needs done and believe that you WILL SUCCEED in any undertaking.

If you want to create something worthwhile, you have to step out of the norm and create your own way. If you do that, you’ll create a living for all that work for you, and also pave a path for those who wish to reach where you are!

That’s it for this post! These were the 4 success advice for manifestation that you can consider to follow as they’ve reaped benefits for me. I know these advice are very broad and do not give you a clear picture of what to do, and that’s the point I’m making.

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