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Spiritual Enlightenment is Not a Miracle, It’s a Calculated Effort

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So many influencers and enlightened beings talk about the non-dual qualities of the cosmos, and how everything comes together to manifest our experience of reality as it is. But you know what? While their explanation and experience of spiritual enlightenment may be real, the information they’re giving out isn’t worth a penny!

Here’s the truth. A (wo)man is made not by what and how much they know, but by what they do. Accumulating knowledge is a certain kind of action, and applying that knowledge through action is a totally different kind of action. Of course, different actions lead to different results.

If you’re highly knowledgeable, wise, and even mindful, but you don’t do the right things (and also don’t avoid doing the wrong things), it’ll not happen to you. So, in this article, let’s take a closer look at spiritual enlightenment, from a yogic science perspective.

What Actions Would Enlighten Me?

We’ve created so many meditation techniques, and 50% of them have something to do with “letting go”. First of all, letting go is not something you do. Let me elaborate so there’s no room for doubt.

Like all the dirt and dust that enters your house throughout the day, your mind gets dirty from all that you consume throughout the day, willingly, unwillingly or unconsciously. You don’t try out different techniques to clean a dirty room, you just pick up the broom and get to work. As you mop the floor, do the dishes, take the garbage out, all of those actions create a clean room. A clean room is just an outcome of those activities.

Likewise, if you want to “become” meditative, you don’t try to meditate, or trick your mind into meditation. To become meditative, you need to “manage yourself” by creating the right atmosphere inside your mind. Here’s how you can achieve that:

  1. You need to stop the outside filth from entering your mind.
  2. You must start cleansing/purifying your mind (Chitta) through certain yogic practices.

I’ve listed down the yogic practices you must follow.

  1. Japa: Constant chanting of a mantra concentrates your energies on the sound of it.
  2. Tapa: Concentrating your mind on the object of your desire with no compromises (A powerful way to accumulate energy in your body).
  3. Consuming the right knowledge that strengthens paraprakriti in you.
  4. Practice of yoga and pranayama (Study this book: Samyukti).

I’ve covered everything in depth in my eBook on Yoga and the law of attraction: “Samyukti”. Check it out through the link above!

What is Enlightenment?

Enlightenment is a phenomenon, where a conscious being transcends their instinctual (evolutionary) compulsions, and becomes a reflection of the creator/creation. To do this one must cancel out their evolutionary development and become less nature-driven, and more soul-driven. Cancelling out our evolutionary intelligence can be difficult because these aspects have taken millions of years to develop. However, because we are conscious beings, we have an exceptional edge toward making our bodies divine.

In contrast, an unenlightened being is someone who moves their body to fulfil desires. If there is no desire, there’s no movement in the body naturally.

So, a journey toward enlightenment involves certain activities that come under the Bramhachari class. Basically, these activities involve doing the exact opposite of what you got from the nature through evolution. You would eat little, speak little, you would not make boundaries, build territories, and seek comfort, etc. This is the only reason why a yogi’s life looks so difficult. Their activities do not have a speck of “stoicism”! Stoicism is purely a safety net that stoics use to display their maturity.

In my recent book “The effortless vibration” I’ve covered everything you need to know to live and experience the divine. Check it out if interested!

A yogi or sanyasi is someone who serves the world not out of their stoic nature or altruism, but purely on their understanding that the creator (God) and the creation (the cosmos) aren’t two. When they serve the people of the world, they only express their love and devotion to the God, who is cosmic intelligent and all that is.

Be like a sanyasi, not a stoic IF you want to experience enlightenment.

Trials & Tribulations: Demonic Influences On the Path

When you’re on the path to enlightenment, you’ll face situations and events that may appear framed or intended to pull you back to animalic qualities. Such happenings are commonly understood as the influence of negative entities that want to stop you from making spiritual progress. Actually, these mishaps are only manifestations of your old mental patterns and what you’ve gathered through millions of years of evolution.

The ancient Indians had identified and elaborated on the nature of these forces as intrinsic qualities of human psyche and the nature that contains the human psyche. But unfortunately, the rakshasas and asuras are often misunderstood. These malevolent entities are celestial beings that have a causal body. They are intelligent and they respond differently to different movements in space (mental movements, physical movements, or energetic movements).

To deal with such forces, you can invoke benevolent forces or forces that aid your spiritual journey. If you’re toward benevolent forces, the malevolent forces will automatically move away.

How to Find Benevolent Forces?

You can find benevolent forces either in physical reality (as a Guru, satsangi, or yogi), or you can rely on cosmic benevolent forces (like Hanuman, Shri Ram, or angels if you’re Christian). When looking for benevolent companies, never seek or look for people who perform miracles. You’re looking for satsang (or truthful-company), not a magician!

Once you find a great company that you believe is benevolent, examine your situation and see if you’re still experiencing mishaps or circumstances in your spiritual journey. If you are, it means you’re still not in the right company yet. Seek further!

That’s it for this one! If you want to learn more about the technicalities of spiritual enlightenment, check out my books in the store. The books are super cheap made to be accessible for everyone. Make the most of them! Thanks for reading!

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