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What it means to be Spiritual & How to Awaken?

spiritual awakening meaning AND what is spirituality

The dogma around spirituality differs across diverse communities and countries. Some perceive it as a religion and some believe it belongs to the hippies, but really — It’s none of that. Spirituality is with no definition. So, what does spirituality and a spiritual awakening mean? Today, we’re going to discuss the essence and approach of spirituality, spiritual awakening, and how it can transform your life.

Meaning of spirituality

Spirituality is the study of the spirit. That which is within — Your true essence, or awareness. To elaborate, let’s say we make a replica of yours. The thing that separates you from that clone is your essence. When you seek yourself within yourself, you’re spiritual.

Spirituality is not a virtue, nor iniquity. Once we’ve conceived an image/belief that leans over to one side, we create duality in our minds, and this causes delusions. So, first and foremost, know that spirituality is not superior. It is not the ultimate developmental stage of human consciousness — It’s just the beginning. Secondly, spirituality doesn’t carry a belief or ideology of doing things a certain way. So, you must eliminate the dogma created in your mind by the people that endorse it.

Spirituality from a Deeper Perspective

Spirituality is about finding the reason or purpose of what’s happening around us. We can also phrase this as questioning the existential nature of reality. For instance, questions like why is all of this happening? Where am I? What am I? Such questions may disorient one’s psyche, or maybe even be deemed as unanswerable. Yes, they cannot be answered correctly in words, but experientially.

People often speak of consciousness as a construct of the mind — An illusion. The truth is, consciousness is not of the mind, but of the universe, reflecting the activity of the mind. It’s a bold claim, but if you look closely within yourself, you’ll see that the universe cannot be without awareness. The very quality of physical, psychological or emotional being relies on – well – being. And yes! The consciousness and being are synonymous.

Now, this might go over many heads, and it should, because the topic is esoteric, and can only be perceived by a mind that has practiced nothingness or Shoonya (through meditation).

Meaning of Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening happens from a subtle shift in perception – A subtle shift with a huge revelation. It can change your outlook on life, make you more powerful and driven person. But it’s not just about the benefits one receives from an awakening. It is literally an awakening. You’ve woken up from a slumber. It means your perceptive abilities are off the charts and you see the world in its authentic form.

Are We Inside a Simulation?

No! We’re not inside a simulation. We are the simulation. Living it from in it. We eat ourselves, breathe ourselves, play with ourselves, and love, hate, envy, befriend, birth, and kill ourselves. We are but one, deceiving ourselves into having multiple individual realities. This is not the universe — This is you. You are it!

What does simulation even mean? It means an imitation of a situation or process. What’s there to imitate when the fundamental framework of reality is reality itself?


Spirituality is anything that entails your true essence, your spirit or soul. Your 5 senses, emotions, thoughts and identity are projection of your mind. They are skewed by evolutionary encoding and don’t show you the truth. If you want to see, truly, you need to see with your eyes closed and mind shut. Shut everything and the thing that remains… It is eternal.

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