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Sattvic Diet: Manifestation on Steroids

Law of attraction on steroids

The Sattvic diet, often referred to as the Yogic diet, helps in raising vibrations and develop focus among the spiritual community. I was surprised when I couldn’t find one person talking about it because this diet can Supercharge one’s manifesting abilities by 10 folds. They can literally put your manifestation on steroids.

So, in this article, I’ll expound upon the 3 categories of foods, and how each affect one’s energy directly, and manifesting prowess indirectly. We’re also going to give out a list of Sattvic foods in excel format, which you can use to cook delicious recipes!

Effect of Sattvic Foods on Energy System?

But before we proceed onto the 3 types, let’s understand what we mean when we say, energy system.

The energy system is the pathway of awareness that spreads across the entire human body. But most people are not aware or don’t recognize this because their awareness is scattered everywhere. Also, their thoughts occupy most of the awareness. So, they feel the whole body and mind as one thing.

When one consumes sattvic foods regularly, the person develops mental clarity, high vibrational emotions and naturally releases physical and mental blockages.

The 3 Types/Qualities of Foods

Humans have 3 qualities in them, and different foods empower either one of these 3 qualities: Tam, Raj, and Sat. Here’s what Sattva signifies.

While there will be lots of dogma surrounding the foods that you should or shouldn’t to eat, foods with high life energy are definitely a better choice than low energy foods when it comes to “increasing” your mental power. Moreover, depending on the culture/religion/lifestyle you follow, you may dislike my take on what you should or shouldn’t eat.

Just to ensure, most yogis followed this diet in India, and I’ve experimented with these foods as well. If you scrutinize different people by their diet, you’ll notice subtle differences in their aura based on what they eat. Many people have emotional compulsions because of improper diet, but they’ve become so desensitized to it from regular consumption that they don’t realize it.

Tamasic Foods

Tamasic foods involve anything that stays in body for too long, creates lethargy, or doesn’t give you much energy. These involve any form of alcohol, meat, eggs, fried foods and foods that are heavy on your digestive system.

In addition, over consumption of any type of food will turn it Tamasic because it would put load on your digestive system and make you lethargic.

Rajasic Foods

Any flavorful foods that are solely consumed for taste, passion or enjoyment are considered Rajasic. So, many of the foods that are Tamasic are also Rajasic. This category involves coffee, tea, eggs, onion, garlic, meat, chilly, sugar, oils beside cow ghee, etc.

Sattvic Foods: Manifestation on Steroids

Foods with high life energy and purity (directly produced from sunlight) are Sattvic in nature. These foods will wake you up, put minimal load on your digestive system, and increase the strength of your awareness. So, when you consume these, you’ll feel lighter, energetic, and “more alive”.

Here’s an excel file with the list of Sattvic foods.

Why Choose Sattvic Foods?

Now many people would refrain from feeling more alive because it would mean, they’ll feel greater sorrow, guilt, shame, hatred, envy, anxiety and depression. People genuinely believe that these emotions are natural to have. No, they are not! They are just suppressed low vibrational frequencies.

When you’re life energy is high, and awareness is at peak, all the suppressed emotions will naturally come up and dissipate themselves over time. Through this diet you can detox your energies, and become a vessel for more powerful manifestations.

Conclusion: So, Should You Completely Switch to Sattvic?

You don’t have to! Just a week of detox is enough to raise your vibrations. However, if you’re a spiritual seeker, it is advisable that you make a complete switch, so you don’t create impediments and suffer along your journey.

This diet detoxifies your energy system, which helps you vibrate at a higher frequency, with greater force. Still don’t believe me? Try it for a week and see it for yourself!

So, these were the foods that’ll put your manifestation on steroids. Thanks for reading! Here are some more articles to read.

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