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Can You Really “Master” The Law of Attraction?

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Mastering the ‘law of attraction’ comes from a preconceived belief that you are not the master, and therefore, you shouldn’t manifest things effortlessly. The truth is, while mastering the law of attraction per se is not the right approach to manifestation, you can definitely develop qualities that make your manifestation effortless.

Therefore, your goal mustn’t be to “master” LOA — but to manifest effortlessly by coming to ease with what you want! And this articles will navigate you through mental blockages by laying out empirical steps to follow — and also, give you real advise on how to come to ease!

You Are Already The Master!

You can embark on a lifelong journey, but for a path that has no distance, it’d be a wasted effort. You don’t have to practice visualization, feeling-good or anything along those lines. The best way to manifest like a master is through absolute surrender.

We often build emotions of desperation through social conditioning. For example, if someone boasts about something, you’re instantly pushed into a frequency of lack. Because you see yourself with disdain, you create a duality between worthiness and unworthiness.

So, do not aspire to be like someone, nor look down on someone. And you’ll naturally raise your vibrations.

Steps to Mastering The Law of Attraction

When working with the law of attraction, the master’s secret is to keep everything simple and organized. So following are the steps to manifest masterfully:

  1. Know what you really want.
  2. Visualize the end result or write a future script.
  3. Let go and surrender.

It’s that simple! However, letting go and surrendering can sound ambiguous. These words have been so normalized that they’ve lost their meaning.

How to Let Go And Surrender?

Don’t let go and surrender! Because if you try it, you’ve already lost. Instead, use the law of attraction to induce the feeling. Become it, and it will manifest. So follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Relax and leave the worry outside your room door.
  2. Think as though you’re floating on a silent river, and you’re feeling waves go up and down.
  3. Now, visualize the best past moments of your life. It SHOULD NOT be related to what you’re trying to manifest right now.

While you do this, make sure that you’re in a place where no one would disturb you. You can also selectively play flowing river sounds to make the experience more real.

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