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4 Manifestation Tips That Will Change Your Life

This post will show you 4 advanced manifestation tips that will raise your vibrations and change your life forever.


When we think about manifesting something, we usually go about visualizing, affirming to develop a belief, and practicing gratitude to receive it.

I’m telling you, even doing all of these things will make you feel heavy. When you do something that raises subtle doubts, creates friction, or even creates a belief that there is something out there that you don’t already have. It induces a feeling of lack. That’s why we practice “letting go” after visualization.

What if you already have what you ask for?


4 Manifestation Tips

Here are 4 manifestation tips that will change your views on the law of attraction and help you manifest everything even more quickly and effortlessly.

#1. If you want to manifest something faster, you have to forget about manifesting it first. ~ Ekhart Tolle

Have you noticed that when you want to manifest something quickly or faster, it tends to get delayed even more? This happens because wanting it to manifest puts us under a lack mindset. You wouldn’t want to manifest something you already have.

So, first, decide exactly what you want. Visualize how you’d feel after having it — In this sense, you have to visualize already having it. Then forget about manifesting it.

#2. When visualizing, concentrate upon the thought that induce positive feelings.

You don’t need phenomenal imagination, intuitive abilities, or supernatural powers to manifest something. All you need is the power to concentrate on one thing. Read this to develop supernatural levels of concentration.

Concentration is when you dissolve with what you see in your mind. You become one with it — And that is all you see. It can only be developed when you have detached yourself from the external and even the internal world (The mind).

How to attain true detachment? Watch your breath 24/7. Keep your awareness on your breath for as long as you can, and slowly, your mind will become more and more silent.

As it becomes silent, you’ll be able to concentrate on new higher frequencies for longer periods, without getting deviated. The longer you concentrate, the faster you create.

#3. You can’t manifest a fortune, or anything, when you are feeling like sh*t.

A cup must be empty before it can be filled again. If your cup is filled with irritation, anxiety, envy, or any negative emotion, you’ll need to empty it first.

Negative emotions are a sign that your vibrations are low. The lower the vibrations, the weaker the power to manifest.

Manifestation only happens when you are in a creative state.

#4. Do not give attention to things you don’t want, give attention only to the things you want!

We often get lost in our thought patterns. We’ve nurtured them for a long time. It is natural for them to appear in our minds. To counter this, you must be aware throughout the day. Yes! Be aware of your thoughts. This way you’ll be able to direct them consciously and not fall into the habitual loop again.


So here are 4 advanced manifestation tips for anyone willing to change their life. Remember that, whenever you manifest something big, some hurdle will come that will terrify you. You have to cross it through the power of faith and then, your life will change. Bob Proctor calls this hurdle “The terror barrier”.

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