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7 Reasons Why You Fail to Manifest

Manifestation didn't work? Here's why

Not being able to manifest may have countless underlying reasons. And because everyone is built different, a single ‘how-to’ advise would not work for everyone. This is the reason why watching and reading several authors causes confusion. Because there are so many concurrent ideas around “the right way to manifest”, you create negating beliefs and dilate your focus. People often ‘try’ following methods and then think why their manifestation didn’t work.

Navigating through the countless ways to manifest (the right way), we often fall into some common traps. So, in this article, we’re going to discuss 7 reasons why you are failing to manifest things into your life, and how to solve these problems, so you could manifest anything effortlessly.

7 Mistakes We Make While Manifesting

Here are the reasons why your manifestation didn’t work, and how to make it work.

#1. Being Too Vague

Almost everyone has the desire to be rich, see beauty, have power, eat good food, and live a fulfilling life. The difference between a dreamer and a creator is in the level of clarity and definiteness of decision. You must be super clear about what you want.

You’re not clear unless:

  1. You can see yourself with what you want (in your mind, emotionally and visually).
  2. You don’t keep changing your goals. (For instance, changing the amount of money you’ll receive).
  3. You don’t cycle between different visualization exercises.

Do not take ‘the time out’ to visualize or concentrate on your desires. You must hold the picture in your mind at all times. To do this, you must have a clear picture of what you want and you have to actually ‘want it’! Think of it like scripting a movie scene where you are the director. You must take into account the happy ending of this movie.

#2. Negating Beliefs & Superstition

In the search for more knowledge on the law of attraction, we often stroll in the direction of occult sciences or witchcraft. Certainly, those things exist, but they’ll create concurrent ideas in your mind which will stop your manifestation.

Occult sciences were exclusively created for people who were not as competent as they demand themselves to be. And so, they made use of external forces, but that’s not the case today. We don’t need occult to determine when it’ll rain, or to send a message to someone. All the occult needs have been met by our contemporary sciences.

Shuflash recommends that you DO NOT study, read or think in terms of occult, as it’ll do no good. Do not try to impress a deity. Do not try to sacrifice in return for a favor from the universe, or anything along those lines. All you must do, is follow what we say! This may sound egotistical but only before it has started working for you. At the end of the day, you must take ‘something’ upon trust. So you better take that which works!

#3. Negative Outlook Toward What You Want

Between the person who loves money and someone who hates it, who do you think will attract wealth into his/her life? The one who loves it!

The truth is, if you have a negative image or feeling associated with the thing you want, you would naturally not keep it in your mind throughout the day. Manifesting things is simple, the happier and good you feel, the more things come to you naturally.

Logically speaking, people are going to hand over their money not to someone who hates it, for it will benefit both if the transaction doesn’t happen. If someone sees you as an advancing person, who wants for everyone what he (or she) wants for himself/herself. Then you’re going to be successful.

This or any other logical statement is the comprehension of the law that creates all, it is not a holistic approach. We’ve used logic because it is the accessible to all who are reading this article! In truth, the framework of logic is based on something even more fundamental, which is closer to the law of attraction. Logic is just a medium (or a tool) that helps us understand how the law moves into action. It is not the ultimate truth.

#4. Sense of Unworthiness

Unworthiness lurk around all who feel that they cannot get something for nothing, or they don’t deserve great fortune because they have bad karma (or don’t have good karma). Again, unworthiness is just superstition that exploits the limits of logic.

The universe is an expression of expansion. The reason behind plants growing, life evolving, humans desiring and consciousness and universe proliferating is the same. It is the ‘formless’ (or God) seeking expression through form. The reason why you eat, breathe, love, live and die, is that the formless seeks expression through YOU. This is no philosophy! This is the truth, and you can see it everywhere!

The manifestation didn’t work because “not working was your manifestation”. Stop worrying whether it’ll work or not!

You are not unworthy because you do not have the desire to feel unworthy. You are worthy of everything. For everything means more for you, and greater expansion for the universe. The universe is more eager to give you what you want than you.

#5. False Expectations

False expectations arise from another form of superstition. It is that, things will come to you directly from the formless without the use of hands or action. Also that, closing your eyes and envisioning what you want is all you need to manifest what you want.

This idea is usually promoted by many law of attraction experts on the internet, but we don’t recommend that you follow this ideology (especially when you’re manifesting money, or anything that involves some kind of transaction).

Wallace D. Wattles, in his book ‘The science of getting rich‘, says that (paraphrasing), “Man is not currently at the evolutionary stage where he could form things directly from the formless substance. If the desired thing is envision in the mind, it won’t appear in front of you from thin air. But the energies of the universe will turn and align in such a way, that conditions will comply to your demands and get you what you asked for.

The science of getting rich (This book was written even before the book “Think and grow rich”, and was used as a research/study material by the most prominent and influential members of society)

#6. Competitive Mindset

Humans have a part of reptilian brain that measures territory, wealth, power and influence. It is a complete opposite of the creative plane, not where manifestation begins. If you believe that you must hurry before the vacancies run out, before someone buys your favorite spot or place, before someone takes possession over something, before the limited edition runs out — then you’re functioning through the competitive plane.

If you seek something that belongs to others, or you bring wishful eyes to someone’s possession, then also, you’re functioning through the competitive plane. We believe that the creation has already taken place, and that the formless (or god or universe) has finished its job. We believe that the supply is limited by what’s already been created. That’s not true at all.

#7. Limiting Beliefs and Familiarity With the Word “Impossible”

Because the world is constricted by some laws, we believe that they are the limits of the formless substance. We do not consider the science that is yet to be discovered or revealed to human. If you believe that your desire is beyond the realm of what’s considered physical or scientific, then you may deem your desire unachievable.

We don’t know that, even if it would take a thousand men to discover, invent and work in the favor

The right mindset: Always keep your attention on the unlimited supply of the formless substance and not the limited supply of what’s already created. You’re not asking for something that belongs to someone else. You’re asking for something from the formless, which is infinite and eternal. If you seek something, put your attention toward having it, and do not look upon someone else’s wealth.


So, here were the 7 major reasons why your manifestation didn’t work. Once you clear your mind off of these 7 walls, your manifestations become effortless (as per the best selling authors, successful people and influencers of all time). Hope you liked the post. Thanks you reading the post on the reasons why your manifestation didn’t work. Here are some more topics on manifestation and the law of attraction.

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