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“Needs” Work Better Than “Wants” in the Law of Attraction

Many of you may have friends who’ve attracted so much into their lives without even learning the law, which may have had you questioning, “what am I missing here?”. The truth: Your “needs” always manifest, your “wants” rarely manifest.

One word can mean different things for different people, and many people have complete opposite images for the words “need” & “want”.

When you “need” something, it doesn’t mean that you’re clinging to it. It just means you have a necessity. On the other hand, a want can, and usually does mean “I want it so bad” or “I wish/hope I had it”. These two words easily lose their meaning because people use them interchangeably.

Here’s Why Your “Needs” Manifest

When you’re wanting something, you’re demanding it, so there’s room for doubt. “Wants” imply that you’re saying “give it to me” or “Wish I could get it”. Many times, people aren’t able to discern what they’re wishing for and what they’re attracting. Both of these states have very distinct vibrations.

On the other hand, your “needs” are a necessity, which means they must be met in some way. The vibration of a “necessity” and “needy” differ greatly from a wish or hope. When you have a necessity, there’s no room for doubt whether you’ll get it or not, your mind is saturated with the how, where, and when.

  • Wants = craving = what you demand => “Give it to me” or “wish I could get it”
    (Also the reason why we see so many people face issues manifesting their SP)
  • Needs = necessity = what you deserve => “It has to come someway.”

How to see whether you “need something” or “want something”

It could be difficult to figure out whether we need or want something because both of these terms have similar meanings. However, there are 2 simple ways you can find this out.

  • If you’re craving something, it’s likely that you want it, and don’t need it.
  • If your desire is fleeting, which means you’re not serious or “not having it” is an option for you, then it’s a want.

How to Change Your Wants into Needs

Fret not! It’s quite simple and easy to transform our wants into needs. All you have to do is contemplate!

All you have to do is, justify/affirm to yourself why you “need” the things you’re trying to attract into your life. It’s best to keep your justification for the benefit of others (your family, friends, etc).

In addition, you can also use your identity to justify your needs. For a broke millionaire, their bank account doesn’t define who they are, but their needs. They’re a machine made to attract millions because that’s who they are: millionaire inside, then millionaire outside.

The Process Also Deals With Limiting Beliefs

Once you do, you’ll be in a vibration where you’re not thinking about “whether or not you can get it”, and you’ll have a doubtless fire under your feet, which will automatically find ways meet your necessity.

Essentially, the words we use don’t necessarily define what mental states we create in our minds. So, it’s important to be mindful of our mental states rather than blindly using affirmations to attract what we want.

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