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Can You Really Manifest For Someone Else?

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Amidst the pandemic, we’ve seen such horrors that it feels the misery around us is our own. I don’t know much about the international media, but many Indian news outlets gave viewers an inside coverage of the hospital-terror. Such pain brought me to the question, can I take away their misery? Can I manifest for someone else?

Things don’t go our way only because of our lack of awareness. The wall behind your back is not under your control until you’re aware of it. However, yes! We can definitely manifest for someone else as long as they’re willing to change themselves. So, in this article, we’ll show you how you can do it.

How NOT to Manifest For Someone Else

Although people may react to pep-talks differently, do not confront them directly! If you do, they WILL resist change. In fact, that is what’s keeping them in their current state, and it will only reinforce their resistance.

For instance, you’re doing the dishes before your mom gets home. And then, your mom calls you and asks you to do the dishes, would completing the job compel you like before? Absolutely not!

So, don’t say, I’m manifesting for you. Don’t even get there!

If you’re trying to manifesting something bad for someone else, or anything that you wouldn’t want in your life, then there’s nothing of worth for you in this article. You cannot manifest something bad for anyone because, then, you’d be coming from a low vibration. And we all know that manifestation doesn’t work like that!

The Right Way to Manifest For Someone Else

High-Frequency shifting exercise (In case you’re feeling down or helpless): Clear your mind and bring it to a place of peace and surrender. Drop yourself! Release the tension in the body as though you’ve nothing to control. Feel liberated because there is nothing to lose in this life! Transform your helplessness into surrender! And then proceed to visualize.

Now see that specific person with whatever you want to manifest for them. And feel how YOU would feel when you see them with your object of manifestation.

In addition, instead of asking them to change their vibration (and create resistance), support their natural development process. The best way you could do that is by being unconditionally accepting of everything. This means, you HAVE to let go of their change.

Why is it difficult to manifest for someone else?

If you’re in close contact with the person you’re trying to manifest for. You may look at yourself as a control freak, and the person may revoke feelings of doubt and worry. The best way to deal with this is, you must leave them completely alone.

The universe is but one collective consciousness. If you have a desire to manifest something for someone, it must’ve come to you from them, or vice versa. When you leave them alone, you’re not contributing your resistance to their change.

Besides all the good intentions you have for them, you know what’s true in the present moment. If you engage with them, you’ll only reinforce their resistance, either consciously or subconsciously.

Letting go is absolutely important!


  1. Don’t present your will upfront. Instead, support them and help them grow so they could manifest it by themselves.
  2. You can’t manifest something bad for someone, or manifest something that you wouldn’t want in your life.
  3. Visualize them with the desired future, but accept them unconditionally. Be detached from the results.
  4. Keep less contact with the person, and don’t imply or convey anything about YOUR manifestation in any way!

That’s it for this article! Following the tips above will definitely manifest success for you and your certain someone! Thanks for reading!

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