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Best Law of Attraction Movie to Watch Right Now [Top 4]

Best movies on the law of attraction.
Best movies on the law of attraction

In this post, I’ll share my favorite law of attraction movie and some of the best ones. Some of these do not directly talk about the law of attraction, but greatly apply its principles. When you’ll watch them, you’ll get several “AHA” moments and these moments will certainly bring tears to your eyes.

You’ll realize how profound this law is and how powerful it can be if you genuinely believe in it.

Trust me, they are life-changing movies. These are the best of the best. I’ll leave you with some anticipation too. So, let’s quickly check them out one by one. *No spoilers in the text*

Kungfu Panda Trilogy

The entire kung-fu panda trilogy is centered around spirituality and how magical the universe is. It is so emotionally appealing that you would want to believe what’s being said in the movie. Each Kung-fu panda movie has portrayed one strong message.

All three are a must-watch, I can’t stress this enough. Here is one scene to expect. It has a spoiler, but I genuinely want you to watch it because it won’t ruin much of your experience of the movie. It’s totally up to you though.

Kungfu Panda 1 movie

This is from Kung-fu Panda 1. And yes, this movie is not just for kids. Every part of the kungfu panda packs a single strong message.

To sum up which law of attraction principle to expect in each part:

#1. Kung-fu Panda 1: The power of belief.

This movie challenges what’s possible or not. A journey of a fat panda to becoming a Kung-fu master and the hardship he faces just to realize the truth… The truth will blow your mind! The execution, the composition, the music, everything about it explodes with so much emotion.

**Personal Opinion: I think this movie is even more powerful than the secret**

#2. Kung-fu Panda 2: Inner peace.

In this, the protagonist faces the trauma of his past. The way it is shown in the movie, the protagonist goes through an actual spiritual process called shadow work. This movie’s message is “To be okay with everything that happens and to live in the present moment.”. Only when you are in the present moment, you can attain inner peace.

Shadow work

This is a powerful spiritual process where you go back to your past memories and see them until they are embraced and accepted. I’ve discussed its process in great depth in my book: “The secret path to supernatural”.

Shadow work is used for self-transformation, and also for changing strong old mental patterns.

#3. Kung-fu Panda 3: Knowing who you are!

This movie is about knowing who you are. But the message is hidden because it’d get too complicated for kids to understand. The protagonist attains supernatural powers after finding out who/what he really is.

Certainly, messages this powerful cannot be just meant for kids, right? Watch all 3 parts and I promise they’ll bring your whole perspective on the law of attraction.

#4. The Secret Documentary (of-course!)

This is the law of attraction movie, you’ve probably been searching for. You can check their official website and purchase it from there in 4 different formats.

The secret documentary has dozens of experts and gurus that teach you how to apply the principle of the law of attraction.

The Secret Documentary
The secret documentary trailer.

The secret review

The documentary most commonly known as the law of attraction movie portrays a powerful message about the power of our minds and the nature of our universe. The secret is indeed the law of attraction as told in the movie.

The law of attraction

The widely known experts and spiritual gurus in the movie suggest that our thoughts create our reality. The concept of “the law of attraction” is that “like attracts like”. And also that our beliefs create our reality.

You can manifest anything you want if you believe that you already have it. They also teach us many aspects of manifestation and why sometimes we’re not able to manifest what we want in life.

Preconceived Beliefs

Sometimes, we have a nagging doubt in the back of our mind that creates blockages in our manifestation. For instance, when thinking about manifesting money in our life, we might say something like: “I am wealthy.” But this thought would sooner or later be canceled out by negative beliefs centered around money, for example:

  1. Money is hard to earn.
  2. You have to work really hard to earn money.
  3. Money doesn’t grow on trees
  4. I’m not worthy.

There are so many preconceived beliefs that we hold that negate positive thoughts of prosperity. To deal with these thoughts, you have to affirm thoughts that cancel them out.

Cancel out negative belief through positive thoughts

  1. Money comes to me effortlessly.
  2. Money is the cheapest commodity on earth.
  3. I am worthy of love, abundance, and prosperity.

And all affirmations along these lines. Remember that you may have a different set of negative beliefs around money that may need a separate set of positive affirmations.

Initially, you’ll feel like you’re lying to yourself. You may also feel some congestion in your chest. But through the power of autosuggestion, you can slowly transfer a new set of beliefs to your subconscious mind.

It is a great documentary. I know that I enjoyed it, which is why I added it to the list!

So these were the 4 best movies to watch, especially when you cannot comprehend the power of the law of attraction. They’ll move you so much that you’ll be willing to center your whole life around studying this law. Hope you liked the post. Thank you for reading!

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