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Here Are 5 Law of Attraction Lies Influencers Tell You

Law of attraction lies that you must know

If you have just discovered the law of attraction, you have been fed with several unintentional lies that are postponing your success with manifesting significant things. And honestly there’s no one to blame or point fingers at here. Many law of attraction experts wish success for you but sometimes make mistakes in understanding who they’re talking to. Every person in the world is unique, and has their own limiting beliefs to overcome.

Here are 5 law of attraction lies, they tell you all the time.

#1. You Can Manifest Anything Without Action

You cannot exist without action. Even thinking about something is action. In yoga, we don’t discern the inward action with outward action because they’re actually the same. If you cannot visualize something, you seek ideas, read articles, and write scripts in the outside world to aid your inner world. So, there’s no doubt that you shape the terrain of your mind by performing physical action. Likewise, you shape the outside world by performing mental action.

So, to think something into reality, you have to clear your mind and focus on creating one original thought. If you’re just moving through your daily cycles, and you suddenly decide to manifest a Lamborghini, it won’t manifest just like that because such a thought is ephemeral, which means it won’t change your life, while if you REALLY got a Lamborghini, your life would change.

Visualizing something just on a whim is just like scribbling on a used canvas. The end result would look gibberish in your mind. For your mind to take things seriously, you must clear it first. Take some time out, sit in a silent place, and think how you want your future to be, and take it seriously! This is the best way to create a thought that is authentic and focused.

Now you might be thinking how to energize a thought. It is very much possible, but you’ll need some control over your awareness to do that. If you try to move your attention to your right ear, you are also moving your energies to that spot. So, if you feel your right ear more, it means you the energy is more accumulated in that spot. Likewise, if you think or visualise something, the clearer it is, the more energy that thought would accumulate. If you cannot imagine something vividly, alternatively, you can select one of many techniques I’ve covered, like scripting.

#2. Feel Good Now or Increase Your Vibration

Yes! Your goal is to feel good and increase your vibrations, but you cannot do it just like that. A high vibrational state is a consequence of doing the right things. Yoga, good company, and doing what fills your soul can be the tools you can use to raise your vibration. However, such methods are limited. If you want to explore the yogic aspects of vibrational states, where everything you desire come to you automatically, learn more about “The Effortless Vibration“.

Basically, there are 3 levels to human awareness. The gross (thought), the subtle (emotion), and the seed (life energies). The deeper you can go with your affirmations/visualization practice, the easier and more effortless you manifestations become, because after reaching the subtle, your affirmations get empowered automatically.

You might have known someone with negative outlook on life. For example, a person with depression, stress and anxiety, who could also feel pleasure at times, but deep down he or she have build up tension and energetic blockages in their body and mind because their life energies are shaped that way. Your life energies are the seed of your experience. Life energies encapsulate all! The Effortless Vibration offers the techniques and knowledge to unlock one’s divine potential.

Don’t put too much attention on feeling good. Instead focus on making the process or the action you are doing joyful.

#3. Believe That You Already Have It

Now you might be thinking that the very science of the law of attraction lies in this idea. In fact, unless you change your belief systems you cannot manifest anything new into your life. That is not something you have to do consciously. Again, belief-creation is a consequence (or an effect). Affirmation and visualization causes conception of new beliefs. So, you must only focus on practicing affirmations and law of attraction techniques.

Don’t even think about changing your beliefs because that’s not something you do. It happens automatically when you practice and take action!

#4. Be Content With What You Already Have

No! Don’t be satisfied with what you have, be happy with it! Many people become too result-oriented. They visualise one thing and then immediately go check their wallet or garage. When you’re entangled with the results of your practice, you’re only empowering the desperate thoughts to see results. Think about it! You wouldn’t be looking at the results, when you KNOW that you already have them.

This kind of attachment to results will only reinforce your current state, which is “Wanting to manifest results”.

#5. Let It Go

The final step and also the last law of attraction lie that most people can’t accomplish. Do you know why? Because letting go is NOT SOMETHING YOU DO!! It happens automatically, when your mind moves onto your daily chores. Take out 15 minutes every morning to do your law of attraction practice, and then move on with your daily routine! You don’t need to do 30-minute letting go meditation.


At the end of the day manifestation is a simple way to create what you want manifestation is a concept and visualisation and your brain is a technology you can exercise It Everyday if you want to upgraded you must always be moving to a higher state of awareness.

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