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What is the True Meaning of Krishna?

Krishna Meaning

The whole internet has got it wrong! Because the ancient scriptures and Veda-puranas were written in Sanskrit, the meaning and interpretation of Krishna was dilated. So, people began correlating Krishna’s personality with attractiveness and the color blue. Even Wikipedia’s definition of Krishna is wrong!

In truth, the word Krishna or Krishan comes from a Sanskrit term called “Krshna,” which means attraction — not attractive. In this post, we’ll explain what “attraction” means when people pray or speak of lord Krishna.

Understanding Krishna And Attraction

When we say, two planets attract each other, is there a force between them that’s pulling them toward each other? Or do they get pushed toward each other? Actually neither!

When two objects attract, there is no underlying force that’s making it happen. Attraction is not a force, it’s a quality of nothingness. And this quality is also called Krshna or attraction. The law of attraction is derived from this quality or attribute of creation.

However, we also say, the whole world is moving toward Krishna (i.e., toward dissolution). So, anything you attract through deliberate thoughts, you’re moving toward Krishna consciousness. While this is not the fastest route to self-realization, you’re definitely longing for the ultimate through petty human desires.

How to Realize Krishna Consciousness?

If you’re a Krishna devotee, it’d be easier for you. But if you want to experience and realize Krishna consciousness, you need to be willing to see the world as a sandbox — the play of creation. This question needs an year worth of elaboration, looking into Yoga, food, devotion, gurus and scriptures.

If you want to explore the nature of creation, that is energy and consciousness, and how you can become the master of energy manifestation (or the law of attraction), then check out Samyukti: The Complete Science of Law of Attraction!

That’s it for this post! This was the complete definition of Krishna and it’s true meaning from Vedic perspective. Thanks for reading!

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