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Is Your Ability to Manifest Really Dropping Down?

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Do you remember the time when you just learnt about the law of attraction? You were excited, enthusiastic about everything, ready to go, and then slowly the excitement dried out with time.

The short answer is, no! Unfortunately, people often find themselves back into their same old routine patterns and emotional muck due to inertia. After learning about the law, people find difficulty suddenly changing their thought patterns and beliefs in order to change their reality. Many also find it difficult because the external world (society) keeps subduing their goals and ambitions.

The Key to Getting Your Manifestation Power Back

To make things more clear, your manifestation power has gone nowhere, it’s already with you. The problem is, you have desensitized yourself from it and stopped applying it into your life. Here are 3 steps to bounce back and reclaim your ability to manifest.

#1. Get Back to Basics

When you were fresh to the law of attraction, you were actively manifesting experiences and things, and you were excited. To bring back this happy state (high vibrational state) you need to start applying manifestation techniques for little things again. Here’s what you can do today:

  • Make yourself a beautiful vision board.
  • Write a script that describes your day 1 week from now and speculate how amazing you’d feel if everything you wrote came true.
  • Set up some early morning time to visualize what you want and feel that satisfaction after completing your visualization practice.
  • Practice reassuring affirmations that strengthen your manifestation. For example, say, I’ve been manifesting this muck unknowingly. Now’s the time my life is taking a 180 degree turn, and I’m starting to feel and see my dreams come true.

#2. Raise Your Vibrations

Being too critical with and worried about your current mental state (reality) can work against you. It’s best to loosen up and start thinking about the things you DO want. Make a list of items, decide from small to big when all of those items will manifest into your reality. And then start working on it right off the bat! This’ll ensure that you’re not dwelling in the past or current problems.

In addition, start doing what you love and hang out with people that make you feel positive and happier. Again, this means you need to stop hanging out with people who lower your vibrations. The influencers (or people we surround ourselves with) play a critical role in what we become.

Practicing gratitude is another key for attracting more positive energy toward you. Maintain a gratitude journal where you state all the positive aspects of your days and weeks.

#3. Keep Things Simple

When we’re in a complicated and ugly situation, we tend to make the solution to the problem complicated too. Understand what “action” your current situation demands and take them without worrying about the outcome of it. As you’re working on it, visualize how things would turn out just fine as they usually do.

Keeping it simple can actually get you out of certain problems because, many times, amidst all the mess and worry, we miss the obvious and simple.

To Sum It Up

No, you’re not losing your manifestation powers. You’re just getting desensitized of them due to inertia. To make the law of attraction work for you, you need to take action and trust the whole process. Many times we don’t see the change because it’s happening in the background. It’s hard to see change when WE are changing.

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