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Is Manifestation Witchcraft?

is manifestation witchcraft

The law of attraction is a branch of eastern spiritual science — Witchcraft is just a masqueraded manifestation of Atharva Veda Scripture. Manifestation isn’t witchcraft.

LOA and witchcraft have many things in common because they have the same origin but also very distinct qualities. This article will give you a holistic understanding on what witchcraft is and how it is related to manifestation.

What is Witchcraft?

Witchcraft is often associated with black magic or any kind of magic that’s done with a malicious intent. Witchcraft literally means “the craft of the witch”. So, if you want to control someone, bring bad luck upon someone or kill someone, you perform witchcraft on them.

Witchcraft involves several rituals, one of which is getting someone’s belongings. Some rituals also use bones, stones, animal corpses, hair strands and blood.

However, the term witchcraft has lost its meaning today. People on youtube have turned it into a children’s roleplaying game. They draw an altar on plastic (or random metals), use artificial scents, and decorate the workbench with stones. These days, people use it to bring good luck and induce others into liking them by casting a placebo spell.

Ancient witchcraft was derived from the Atharva Veda, which was used to cast spells on enemies during war time. So, the spells included things like:

  1. Manifesting bramhastra (equivalent to several nuclear bomb) from thin air,
  2. Killing a pregnant woman’s baby,
  3. Manifesting an arrow that would guide itself to the target,
  4. Manifesting an arrow that multiplies itself into several thousands, and much more.

Manifestation and Witchcraft are Similar

Manifestation is more personal and involves high vibrational rituals. So, a law of attraction practitioner is always happier and healthier than someone who takes part in witchcraft rituals.

Witchcraft has several ramifications. For instance, a witch ties herself to earthly attachments and experiences immense suffering on her time on earth and after. Moreover, a witch often turns into a slave to the deity she has made serve during her earthly time. This is a form of karmic transaction.

The western idea of the law of attraction is fundamental idea behind witchcraft. And ancient witchcraft is an extension of the law. (Which is more powerful than contemporary witches roleplaying as cosmetic queens on Instagram!)

Also, the Indian idea of law of attraction isn’t the same as western either. In Vedic sciences, when we talk about the law of attraction we call it “Sankalp Avirbhavan” or manifesting a resolution.

We still have many women (and men) that are just as competent (if not more) as the ancient witches. You’ll often find them serving a higher purpose of soul fulfillment for the human kind through Satsang, in India.

Key Difference Between Manifestation and Witchcraft

Manifestation is the science of creation and witchcraft is a branch of it. But many law of attraction practitioners end up delving into the science of witchcraft and start applying it. I heavily condemn the use of witchcraft because it can make one suffer for several lifetimes. It’s pretty much like selling you soul to the devil.

Here are a few key differences between manifestation and witchcraft.

The law of attractionWitchcraft
Relies on the self to create and manifest thingsRelies on external forces to manipulate reality
Is High vibrational and have little to no drawbacks besides what the person is trying to manifestLow vibration (People often fall prey to filth, depression, hatred, and madness)
Requires higher concentration levelRequires mediocre concentration level and infallible ritual practice
The concept of attraction is the basis for all witchcraftWitchcraft is derived, more studied science of the law of attraction
Key differences between law of attraction and witchcraft


Witchcraft is trash can, and you don’t need to use it unless you want to harm or control someone. The law of attraction does the job well, and you don’t face severe ramifications from your manifestation.

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