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You’re Not The Puppet Master — Here’s Why

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You’re sitting and blueing out thinking, why do I belong to the rarest – “a single miserable face in the happy 100” – category? Umhm! We’re different breed; nothing contents us but the all-pervasive divine light and a dark room that screams silence.

Now, before you hop onto your anxiety-serenity carousel again, lets end your problems ones and for all and see how you can expose all the world-put lies and conditioning. This article brings to light the illusion of control and freewill, — plus what you can do about it.

But Before That, Is This a Red Pill Statement?

The online culture and a diverse community has led us to perceive ourselves as intellectuals. The habit of stereotyping anything, that makes “out of the world” claims or misrepresents something in their view, with their blunt judgement sword, will never yield anything fruitful for anyone.

In this scenario, a sword would only shred the subject matter to tatters. We need a needle to sew the fabric of truth, for there’s nothing to discern here — but something profound to create from nothing.

The Cosmos Has 3 Fundamental Qualities

The foundational aspect of these 3 qualities is one; attraction. The 3 qualities are; Tamas, Rajas, and Satva. Everything in the universe, whether physical, psychological, or metaphysical is a combination of these 3 qualities.


This quality is associated with laziness or inertia. People who are Tamas-dominant value sleep and indecision more than anything else. They enjoy the beginning and the end of any Tamasic activity. However, their unawareness while they’re doing such activities (like sleeping) is actually not enjoyable because it’s unconscious.

Another quality of Tamas is, the lethargy it creates induces a person to not think holistically, which basically means, they’d make conclusions about things due to their unwillingness to learn the truth or facts.

Foods with this quality will induce sleepiness and make you more lazy. These food types include: Garlic, onion, meat, fish — fermented foods like bread, alcohol, cakes — also, over ripe and under ripe fruits and vegetables.


This quality is associated with bodily pleasures, so such a person would only involve himself/herself with the world for joy and pleasure. Any activity that would not yield joy will appear bland and unworthwhile to such individuals. The end result of a Rajasic activity induces joy in person, which leads them to do more of that activity. This, in turn, compels the person to do the activity again and again to fill a void that gets bigger every time it’s fed.

Again, a Rajasic person’s intelligence will function only for the body. So, this person would find ways to pleasure in everything. If something doesn’t align to their agenda, it’s not true or worthwhile digging deeper into.

Foods with this quality will induce passion and desire in person. The more Rajasic food they eat, the greater foodie they become. It’s that simple. Some examples of these foods are; bitter, sweet, spicy, hot (chilli) foods — again, most non-vegetarian foods and onion and garlic have a Rajasic element in them — Coffee and tea — unsprouted pulses and sugar.

People with this quality can develop neurosis and other ailments such as anxiety, depression, disgust, hatred, etc.


This quality is worship worthy — not because it’s divine, but it removes the barriers that stop us from experiencing divine qualities and knowledge, which are beyond the 3 qualities. People with Satva perform activities, either as a sense of duty or they surrender their activity to a quality of creation called attraction. The meaning of attraction here is to be attracted toward ultimate dissolution.

Another remarkable quality of this person is their detachment from the world, which allows them to think clearly without making any conclusions. This absolute detachment naturally develops psychic abilities and nurtures the divine light (or bliss) in one’s awareness. The bliss here is a result of one’s life energy settling down and is the greatest joy a human body can generate. The moment this happens, the person gains extraordinary perception.

I’ve talked about how Sattvic foods can strengthen your ability to manifest. We’ve also discussed how we can create a sattvic inner and outer spaces for conducive manifestation and spiritual development in my free book Samyukti. Sattva is ideal for manifestation.

How to Control These Aspects in You & Transform Yourself Completely?

So, it’s not that a person can be completely free from one or two of these qualities. Everything in the universe has all three, the question is in what proportions? With a human body, we can’t be free from Tamas and Rajas because even sleeping and eating, which are essential for survival, are Tamasic and Rajasic, respectively. The creation can only sustain when all three of these qualities work together and create a cyclical pattern.

A Tamasic and Rajasic dominant body will believe that it has free will and control over everything it does. These are lies. You don’t actually do anything! The 3 fundamental qualities control every action of your body (the way you think, feel, and act in the world). So, you cannot “consciously” do anything, you can only “consciously” see activities happen inside and outside your body.

If I don’t control Anything, It’s Impossible to Change.

Not really! Here are some ways you can transform your body.

Satsang (or Sattvic Companionship)

As you read this, you’re being projected to new information that’s presenting another opportunity for your body to pivot to Sattva. With all the memory/karma of your past, this is adding up and inspiring you to adopt the Sattvic. So, this is your Satsang.

Satsang is the only way through which you can truly make change.


The knowledge you gain from Satsang is different from the other. Satsang is not gossip or intellectual Olympics. The purpose of it is to empower the Sattva in you.

These 3 qualities have a snowballing nature, meaning the more Sattvic activities you do, the stronger your Sattva gets. The same goes for Tamasic and Rajasic activities. Once you’re up there, in bliss, your body automatically discards or doesn’t prefer engaging with Tamas and Rajas. However, you cannot realize the illusion of control through Sattva – only satsanga or knowledge can help you realize it.

Everything you see is actually happening on its own, and you don’t control anything. Once you realize this, nothing in the world bothers you because there’s no point. If you do Sattvic activities and give it some momentum, you naturally move toward your divine nature, and only when you do, you see things for how they truly are. Before that, you cannot understand or witness creation because of a corrupted mind.


Sattva is best for breaking the illusion of control, to grow spiritually, and to manifest. It transcends you from animalic attributes and gives you authentic and unevolutionary command of the body, which is “unprogrammed” to be free from the communal-evolutionary human design.

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