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This is How Law of Attraction Really Works

how law of attraction works

To understand how the law of attraction works on a fundamental level, we need to understand what is attraction on all, universal, psychological, and metaphysical, levels. The force we call “attraction” is one and the same at all levels because the godhead or ultimate consciousness is one quality with infinite expressions, which means only one phenomenon is happening everywhere in different ways. In Sanatana, we call the force of attraction Krshna or Krishna.

So, in this article, you’ll learn how your physical, subtle and bliss body function, how they work together to manifest a “living experience” of the universe, and how to manifest your ideal life by directly influencing the source.

The Law of Attraction in Physics: Gravity

When you jump up, you fall onto the planet. The fundamental nature of our universe is attraction, and the larger the energy body (mass), the greater the attraction it creates. We already know this. But people often have a misconception here. When we’re talking about attraction, we’re not saying there’s a force involved. Attraction is one of the innate qualities of the universe, it’s not a quality of energy itself.

In short, the law of attraction works as gravity in the physical world.

The Law of Attraction in Metaphysics: Spirituality

The law of attraction manifests as desires in humans. We can’t manifest something without a desire, and desire is the only thing needed to manifest what we want. The very reason why we do what we do throughout the day is because we have several desires as a living creature. Our physical bodies get hungry, so we manifest food, our minds demand joy, so we manifest things to entertain ourselves. While these aspects of manifestation may sound basic, they are no small feats.

Here, the law of attraction works as human desire. The human desire naturally create thoughts in the mind, which the external world reflects or manifests into reality.

Now, to understand ourselves better lets dissect our awareness and look at each aspect. Everything we experience through our minds can be divided into 5 levels of experiences. So, these experiences collectively create a human experience.

These levels are:-

  1. Consciousness
  2. Subtle body
  3. Mind
  4. Contents of the mind
  5. Contents of the 5 senses

These 5 experiences are in order of subsets, which means, number 1 encompasses 2, 3, 4 and 5, number 2 encompasses 3, 4 and 5, and so on.

For instance, you might have a mixed understanding between awareness and consciousness. They may appear synonymous to you, and by definition they are! But, words are only made to create labels and distinctions between two objects. So let’s create a distinction that would help you understand yourself (and the universe better).

This example will clear all your doubts. Notice the temperature on your right ear. Does it feel warm, cold or normal? Now, that you’ve brought your awareness to the right ear, you are “aware” of it. But this doesn’t mean you weren’t conscious of it before putting your awareness on it. You were always conscious of it, but not aware of your own consciousness.


Consciousness pervades through everything. I always use one example to explain this. “A pebble on the shore is just as conscious as you are, but it cannot see, feel, hear, think, or breathe like you because it doesn’t have the facility to do it. Unlike a stone, you have a mirror (awareness), that reflects the world. You believe you are the mirror yourself. And the experience from the 5 senses, emotions and thoughts reflect upon this mirror to create the experience of the world you see.”

The entire universe is a conscious entity, which manifests itself. And consciousness, God, Time-Space and the supreme soul are all synonymous, in this sense. If you look at the cosmos as one entity, and not as “time” and “space”, you get consciousness. It is not something that belongs to you. It pervades through what you call “your body” and is your/our/my true nature!

Every physical action, emotional action, thought action and subtle action is a manifestation of energy. The nature of each form only seem different in appearance because some are subtler than others. Ultimately, thought, matter and even perception are made of energy.

Subtle Body

The subtle body is also known as the “Sookshma Shareera” or human soul. It is the pure form of awareness (that is, awareness that has nothing to reflect, but itself). The subtle body gives you a personal experience of the world. You see the world as an entity, and not as the world itself.

So, when someone dies, their subtle body leaves the physical manifestation, that is the dead body.

Do you remember when you dreamt something and forgot it moments after waking up? That memory can be said to be stored in your subtle form. The subtle body is like a lens that can store experiential memory of what it sees in the moment. So, whenever we’re trying to manifest something, we are actually trying to impress our thoughts upon this lens because the moment it happens, all pervading consciousness receives it.

This is why experts say, you must “see” it in the now.

Your subtle body carries the memory imprints of your past lives, and this memory is called “Sanskara”. Sanskara is synonymous with evolutionary memory (which encapsulates the DNA, hereditary information, etc.). However, the word, Sanskara also means habitual patterns and mental paradigms you receive through lineage.

Subtle bodies are like lenses through which consciousness creates individual experiences. When you meditate, you slowly learn to influence this lens directly!

Waking Awareness

Waking awareness help you govern your thoughts, emotions and actions. When you’re manifesting something, you begin by working from waking awareness. You build new desires and start creating thoughts around having what you want.

As you begin believing something, it slowly moves into your lens and you start to see the world as though your desires have manifested (through visualization). Yours lens can only store what’s shown to it in the present moment, and it catches everything, like a camera.

And you already know how emotions, thoughts and the 5 senses feel.

The Next Big Question – So What?

If you learn to draw lines between different forms of experience, you’re able to better control each. For instance, I’ve elaborated on how someone can astral project on my youtube channel, where I’ve elaborated on the same thing.

How to astral project?

The Law of Attraction & Awareness

Now, to help you create the right mindset, we’ll go through a short and simple exercise. If you want to manifest something using what you’ve just learnt, you’ll have to, first, detach your awareness from the 5 senses, thoughts and emotions, and then bring your goals to the mind. This practice will create a desire. You must create an identity that says “I am.” The steps are mentioned below:

  1. Become mindful of each sense and feel them one by one. Once you’ve done that, you’ve detached yourself from them.
  2. Move your focus from yours senses to your thoughts and emotions. Observe what’s going inside your mind.
  3. Now, shift your focus from thoughts and emotions to the one that’s observing the thoughts. (Your awareness)
  4. When you’re observing your awareness, you’ll feel like your awareness is flowing like a river, in time.
  5. This is the state where you see yourself as the one you want to be. Don’t think! SEE!
  6. When you see the picture, hold the feeling for as long as you can. But don’t panic or get excited.

If you follow these 6 steps, your manifestations will come to fruition because you’re influencing the fundamental force directly. And because you’re so outside the mind, you would no longer react to limiting beliefs, making them feable.

Learning yoga can also help you master manifestation. Yoga reveals to you, the nature of the universe and that you are here to create what you want. Unfortunately, people are not aware of their soul (subtle body), and so they don’t realize that they are already creating what their soul longs for. And Once they tap back into their soul, they can manifest anything effortlessly.

To understand the nature of the universe you can check out my book: Samyukti – An eternal guide to master manifestation. In this book, I elaborate the two fundamental forces of the universe in great depth (Energy and consciousness), how they manifest the creation around you, and how you can realize your true nature and harness these 2 forces through practical means.

That’s it for this post. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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