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Grabovoi Codes: Stop Wasting Your Time on Them

Grabovoi Codes


Many people have had successful manifestations with Grabovoi codes. You can use these codes to manifest certain things in your life. The term “code” emphasizes the use of universal “cheat codes” like how we can do it in video games. If you pull certain triggers, the program recognizes it and gives you more money, more health, a car, a jet, and so on. Grabovoi codes are just like that.

They may be portrayed in a positive light over TikTok, but it’s past may disturb you! So, in this article, we’re going to answer what Grabovoi codes are, their origin and how to use them to manifest successfully!

What are Grabovoi Codes?

Another name for Grabovoi codes is “cheat codes of the universe,” and it explains itself really well. Grabovoi codes are in the form of numbers in “specific” chronology that connect you to certain frequency.

They have gained traction over social media only until recently, but the concept is old. The developer, a Russian psychic named Grigori Grabovoi, claimed that Grabovoi codes make use of radionics to heal certain frequencies. Besides his questionable claims of healing cancer patients, reviving the dead, teleporting and using clairvoyant abilities, Grigori was allegedly put to jail for promising mothers that he could resurrect their dead children from the Beslan school siege for $1200. Yeah.

Fortunately, Grabovoi codes have shown miraculous results for many. People have attracted money, SP and goodwill by aligning their frequencies with these codes!

How to Use Grabovoi Code?

You must recite or write codes repetitively throughout the day. Keeping these numbers in your focus for a span will align your frequencies in the right direction. Here are some codes to work with!

How do Grabovoi Codes Work?

The numbers in these codes portray a form of mantra, and mantras do not have meaning. Mantras are just a collection of reverberations that are projected into the universe. When you recite the codes, you do not directly associate them with your wants consciously. And so, the mantra directly reaches your subconscious mind and acts immediately.

These codes are similar to the deity worship from “Sanatana dharma” (but these numbers are not energized or made alive through consecration), where different mantras invoke certain deities and upon impressing them via chanting, they’d grant you their own attributes. Also, we know that the universe is a conglomeration of frequencies and that it is inevitable that certain frequencies/sounds may have unique influence upon us.

Power of mantra, and what they can do for you.

The history of Grigori is not worth mentioning as it wasn’t positive or mystical in any way. All we must take from this is, the codes work, and that you make them work. Ultimately, your thoughts are more powerful than any technique in this world. However, using these instruments/tools may definitely help make your manifestation effective and your practice simpler.

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