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What is manifestation and does it really work?

What is manifestation? Does it really work?

What is manifestation? This term has coined in the book Think and grow rich, where the Author – Napoleon Hill – expounds upon the 13 principles of success. Manifestation is the process of bringing something into your living experience by aligning your mind, body, and emotions of hitherto already having it. But does manifestation really work?

So, lets say someone is poor and wants to manifest a million dollars the next day. Would he succeed, if he believes that it’d manifest? Possible – but most likely – it won’t happen because he’d doubt or create some resistance around it. Don’t get me wrong, it is possible to make immense change in a short time, but for that, you must understand how manifestation or the law of attraction works.

So, first and foremost, know that you do NOT understand how the LOA works. People often come to quick conclusions and either believe that it works or it doesn’t work.

This post will help you build a deeper understanding of the law so can avoid common pitfalls.

What’s NOT the law of attraction?

Visualizing something for 5 minutes and then getting back to your usual state and doing the same things you would do will not manifest anything. Thinking of positive things and holding onto a superficial state of happiness which is fleeting will not manifest good things. Jotting down a list of things you want and reading it regularly and FORCEFULLY TRYING to feel as though it’s already yours doesn’t work. Your desire is not strong enough if you’re trying too hard. Thinking that you’ll manifest something later and going through the mundane cycles of life will not manifest anything for you. So does manifestation really work in a complex way? No!

Relevance of yogic sciences in understanding LOA

Yogic sciences have a full picture understanding of the law of attraction. It doesn’t just explain ‘how’ but also, ‘why’ it works. Yogic sciences do not endorse the use of LOA (not that it has a stigma toward it) because that’s not the center of its focus. However, you’ll notice that the occult sciences make extensive use of Yogic sciences to understand how the universe or LOA works.

How eastern-occultism understands the law of attraction

Working or mechanics of the manifestation - How it really works.
The mind is a conglomeration of all perceptivity.

We usually associate the mind with our thoughts, habits and any other cognitive ability — That’s the brain, not the mind. The mind is the collective experience you have as a human being. Which incorporates your senses, thoughts, emotions, body and energies. Wakefulness or awareness, however, is a concentration of consciousness. And consciousness is not local to your body.

Confusing right? Let me explain further

Consciousness and the Universe

Before we define the relationship between consciousness and the universe, we must understand what consciousness is. Unfortunately, consciousness comes before definition, which means, if we try to define consciousness, we’ll end up putting ourselves in a loop of definitions. The good news is, you’re conscious, so you can see it within you. Here are the steps to witness consciousness.

  1. First, eliminate each one of the five senses in your imagination. For instance, close your eyes to eliminate sight, imagine how it’d feel if you remove sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch.
  2. Now imagine yourself without thoughts and emotional impulses. Imagine that you’re in an abyss. You’re the abyss.
  3. What’s left is your awareness. If you don’t go to sleep, you’re impure awareness (which means, you’d be aware as an individual)
  4. Once you’re gotten a firm grasp on awareness, you can eliminate that too — And then you’ll reach consciousness. (Which is not yours.)

How does manifestation really work.

So, how would you know that you’ve reached the ultimate consciousness? It is easy. Once you’ve reached there, you’ll notice a surge of emptiness overflowing and devouring you. This emptiness – Chitta – is what we’re trying to alter when we’re manifesting something. That emptiness is the true nature of time-space. It is you – or us. And as you already know, time-space/Chitta/consciousness is the seat of existence.

So, if you conceive something in your mind when you’re in an empty state, it’ll manifest instantly. If you can do this, you can even crystallize consciousness and manifest things out of thin air. But it also depends on your cosmic competence (it’ll get too woowooish if we move any further than this). To put things simply, the place you call the universe was once just like you.


So, does manifestation really work? Long answer short: Yes, manifestation works. But if you’re struggling with it, it means you don’t understand it.

If you’d like to study more, you can check out my books on amazon. Samyukti: The play of consciousness, where I expound upon the relationship between energy/matter and consciousness. And another book “The secret path to supernatural” it paves path for a spiritual journey with the law of attraction.

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