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Does Law of Attraction Work?

Does law of attraction work?

A monkey asked, does law of attraction work? The universe said, “Well, because the science of attraction/creation is tainted by many smiling fake gurus online, I have to say, law of attraction doesn’t work — or at least not how they say it works. However, there is, definitely, a science to creation that created this and many other realities.”

What’s Wrong With Contemporary LOA Experts?

Incomplete knowledge is more dangerous than ignorance. When newbies get into the science of attraction, they are exposed to simple, incomplete knowledge, which leads to superstition.

While many experts teach how to apply the law of attraction, they don’t explain how it works. And without questioning and realizing this quality of the universe (called attraction), you will move off-track and develop low-frequencies (also known as tamo-guna or tamasic qualities).

How to Manifest Like a Master?

You might have read or listened to anecdotes where people said, they donated money freely, and then suddenly received 10 times the money in return. If giving is done with a feeling of lack, or not having enough, then it won’t happen.

And in fact, this is only one of the five yagna or yagya practice that raises your vibration, and turn you into a vessel for universal grace. The five pre-requisites for law of attraction practice are (as mentioned in the Vedic sciences)

  1. Physical and mental purity (Brahma Yagna) [It can be achieved through the right foods, yoga and pranayama – I’ve written a complete guide in this book]
  2. Helping the world for a greater cause (Dev Yagna)
  3. Serving elders and being grateful to your ancestors (Pitr Yagna)
  4. Feeding animals and serving the helpless and weak (Bhoota Yagna)
  5. Donating money to needy (Nur Yagna)

These 5 activities raise your vibration and give you access to many unknown high-vibrational universal forces. Performing these, in fact, turn you into a law of attraction master because they give you access to the same qualities that created this universe.


So, does law of attraction work? Yes! Although the law of attraction is true, contemporary law of attraction advise are often misleading, as they take people toward insufferable path of failures, fears and fear-induced superstitions.

To apply the law like a master, one needs to understand the science behind it and, actually, see how it works. You can learn more about this law through Shuflash and the resources we share. Everything shared on this outlet comes from ancient scriptures, well-verse experts and life-coaches. We give practical advise on everything law of attraction related that you need to know to manifest the life you want!

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