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What Are Deity Incarnates & How to Become One?

A few years ago, when I used to live in Chennai, South India, an interesting – or you could say “something divine” if you want to – incident happened with me. The vicinity had a forest surrounding our society with so many monkeys, they used to climb over the boundary walls and come to our society to eat naseberries from our villa lawns.

Pet owners and morning walkers often traveled alongside the boundary walls to see the monkeys and other animals. One day, as I was walking my dogs on one of the outskirt’s lonely roads where the houses weren’t yet built, I saw something.

Here’s What I Saw!

When I look back in retrospect, I remember, the creature was anywhere between 90cm to a meter tall while seated! When I was walking forward and saw it through my peripheral vision, I thought it was just another human. But the moment I walked past and saw the face, I realized it was a BIG BIG monkey with a big red tikka (tilak or red vermilion marking on the forehead).

South Indian monkeys are slightly smaller than the those found in the Northern region. An average fully grown adult male would be anywhere between 50 to 63 cm. Never more than 63 cm tall – maybe – had I seen there. But this one was massive. It was definitely shorter than an average human, but way too big to be called a monkey.

When I looked at its face, “Wait… is it?” — was my first impression. But I had never been a devotee, nor had I experienced devotion ever in my life. In fact, I didn’t even worship him or even thought about him. “There’s no way it could be, Lord Hanuman.” — I thought. Note that this was 3-4 years back, I was definitely into spirituality, yoga and meditation, but not a devotee.

Was It Really a Deity?

When I see such phenomena, my rational ways of thinking usually go both ways, the occult and the science-based logic of things. So, I thought, it could be a Hanuman Bhakta (devotee who has thought his/her way into becoming Hanuman-like), or it could be… Well! An exceptionally overgrown monkey whose size was confused for a divine quality by some local pandit (Temple priest).

But this monkey was different. It was extremely calm and its eyes were locked onto the setting sun. That body language was definitely not a monkey’s. I tried getting closer but I had 2 dogs on the leash, so I didn’t get too close. Monkey’s move a lot, especially their eyes, they can’t keep them fixated onto anything. But this one had them very still.

And what’s special about this incident was, a few days after, I were to meet the person, who would soon become my guru.

There was something just different about that one. And I was just curious about sharing this with everyone. Make whatever you want to make of it. I’m not inclined toward making any conclusions, as I value truth more than anything else. Let me know if you’ve some interesting experiences to share in the comments!

Deity Incarnate & The Law of Attraction

I know you believe in the law of attraction because it has worked for you. So, you should also know the crux of the law, which is, “You are what you think”.

Besides “becoming” a celebrity, millionaire, and so many other things, you can also become a deity. But it doesn’t happen with a desire to look like one. You have to be devoted to and contemplate upon the qualities of the deity.

Many Indian deities have their own qualities and depictions. You see goddesses and gods with 6 – 8 arms and each one holding tools that emphasize their nature. When you visualize that image, while knowing what those qualities are, you manifest those qualities within you. And not just that, if you listen to their stories, engage with their persona in any way, you get closer to them.

Actually, this doesn’t just work with deities. You’re continuously manifesting certain qualities within you right now by looking up to people, ideas, and your future self. However, the impeding force which forces you to stay in one place is your self-image.

A person’s self-image can be heavily influenced by the environment and how other people perceive them.

What Exactly is a Deity Incarnate?

You don’t necessarily have to become a deity incarnate to have some of their qualities in yourself. But if you really want to become one, you have to purify your physical, mental, and etheric body. And to do this, you’ll have to adopt a sattvic diet and close yourself in a room and contemplate upon the deity.

Your goal with doing all these isn’t to impress or cater to the food choices your deity demands. There is no intergalactic being judging your food choices. The goal with making all of these changes is to take you completely out of the evolutionary chain.

Here, purification doesn’t mean we made you clean inside out. It means we’ve turned you from a human to a cosmic being.

Let me elaborate further. We, humans, have come from countless stages of evolution, over which we’ve gathered so many attributes of nature: Natural selection, reproduction, development of ego, boundaries, self-image, identities, etc. All these qualities are given to us by nature. They are our instincts (called vrittis).

The intense practices involved in the purification process, sort of, dismantle these instincts. So, when you come out of it, you’re no longer a human. You have no tendencies. You’re purely driven by “consciousness”.

Or in simpler terms, you would become a living entity that is a direct expression of creation/universe. The evolutionary scaffolding would no longer validate your aliveness. And because you (as an observer) just spontaneously happened into existence, you would not be any certain way, which means your mental body will reflect the whole universe. And you’ll intuitively know the crux of creation.

How Do I Become a Deity Incarnate?

Every deity is selected and depicted a certain way for a reason. They’re not random figures of imagination. Each one of them portrays a quality. So, if you want to get closer to becoming a deity incarnate, first, you’ll have to learn about the deity and its stories. Understand the actions they took, think about them, and memorize their official image.

Devotees are so engrossed that their attention naturally moves toward their deity.

When your ambition is to turn yourself into a deity, you must create a body (a vessel) that is capable of supporting it. Here’s what you need to do to create a resilient physical and mental body.

  1. Yoga
  2. Satvic food
  3. Stop watching, listening, and thinking about anything but your deity
  4. Go into silence
  5. Meditate and contemplate upon the qualities of the deity

Before this, you need to read the users manual, as it’s different for every deity. Learn what a stuti is, and how it is sung. Do everything a devotee does and you’ll be moving forward. There’s so much more to this that I can’t cover in one blog post. So, comment below your questions and I’ll answer them for you.

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