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Crying During Meditation & Why it’s a Good Sign

There are two reasons why you might be crying or tearing up during meditation.

crying during meditation
Why do you cry during meditations?

Tears of Bliss

You sit for your daily meditation session, beginning by breathing in deeply, and watching your breath as you do. As you breathe out your mind becomes calmer and peaceful.

But suddenly, as the silence gets louder, you feel a spontaneous wave of bliss radiating through your mind. It is so overwhelming, it feels like your head is going to melt.

You feel elated by the bliss of the moment. These waves of joy come from what’s called Kundalini.

This only happens when you surrender your mind completely (to whoever you believe in). So much so that you even surrender control over yourself.

Tears of Emotions

On the contrary, maybe you are not blissed out. It is normal (actually a blessing) to feel all kinds of negative emotions during meditation.

Do you know, the set of emotions you are experiencing is a consequence of a psychological process called “Shadow Work“.

I’ve written an entire book on advanced shadow work and how to use it to purify your mind. You can check it out here.

It is a powerful technique used in psychology and occultism (If you believe).

Should you worry about it?

Absolutely not! Whatever the reason be among the two given above, you are progressing through your spiritual journey (or towards peace of mind). Do not worry. This happens to everyone at some point. These are just the symptoms of fast spiritual growth. Let me elaborate, so you understand what’s happening and why it is happening.

So, why are you crying during meditation?

We get so accustomed to carrying the luggage of heavy emotions that we think that’s how life is. That’s not true!

When you cry, it signifies that this luggage has come to light.

Soon this luggage of emotions will drop and you’ll feel lighter and brighter. This is an important phase of your spiritual growth. The tears are not something you should worry about.

When the mind gets quiet. It tends to bring old memories or even nightmares to stop itself from going into a state of halt. This is a defense mechanism because a state of halt (concentration, Dharana, or samadhi) means death to the mind (not the brain).

A person in samadhi is in a deeper state than deep sleep. Even more so, consciously dead. So this person won’t even perceive time as passing and won’t recognize environmental dangers. Conclusively, this puts your mind in jeopardy.

This video explains that well… Really recommend watching it!

I know… I know, it is very touching. You have to let it flow. We’ve fought our emotions and heart since our childhood. They must be cleansed before you witness a state, that transcends every emotion.

Treat every nightmare like a memory because at a subconscious level, it is a memory. Watch your thoughts and accept every single one of them. Watch every thought like you watch Netflix.

Learning the art of observation.

These emotions will naturally whither as you observe them without judging. Don’t judge them otherwise your mind will immediately lose its attention on the thought and shift it to the judgment of it. If you judge your emotions, they’ll go back to where they were. They will remain unseen.

How do you observe a thought?

  • Don’t resist any thought.
  • If you feel like you cannot tolerate a thought, begin to focus on your breath instead.
  • Watch your thoughts like an outsider.
  • If you get lost in your thoughts and emotions, slowly bring your attention back to meditation.
  • Be like water. Fill every vessel of thought with awareness.

Crying during meditation [But this time, out of joy]

When you realize who you are. When you see the universe the way it actually is, it is natural to cry out of happiness.

The darkness ceases because you realize that you are the light that illuminates the entire universe. It is natural to become so ecstatic that you tear up.

If you are in that state, I don’t have to tell you whether it is okay or not. But I must tell you that it is not the end nor is it the truth. That light is enjoyable but not the truth. The truth hides itself behind the light. It is beyond the light and the joy and ecstasy it brings.

But at this point, you cannot go beyond on your own. You need someone’s grace to see the truth. You must be willing to surrender everything you believe you are.


These were 2 types of crying that you may encounter in your spiritual journey. Know that they are completely normal and part of the cleansing process. To learn more about LOA, shadow work, and the Chakra system, you can check out my book The Secret Path To Supernatural.

Thank you for reading this post. Hope you are clear about why you’re crying during meditation. Share and comment if you found this post useful.

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