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Cosmic Emergence (values)— Why Are We Here?

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Modern physics is misled by unnecessary verbiage and lack of perception, reason being, our language and the faux universe (or “the world of concepts”) we’ve created explain a lot of stuff but not exactly in their fundamental manifestations. Our concepts and languages weren’t made to understand the source of the universe. They only serve as a convenience for human survival and karmic transactions (business deals) we make in and with the physical world. This article will draw some authentic and fundamental cosmic values that’ll help you discover the origin of this universe and why we’re here.

A tip before diving into the topic: Don’t create transcendental beliefs or philosophies around this.

Four Basic Cosmic Values/Elements

The human mind moulds the definition of reality and projects it only through the five senses. It could be acceptable if senses alone reflected all aspects of creation, but this is not true.

In a more fundamental sense, the five senses only react to energy because they’re manifestations of energy themselves. Energy is just one of the four major elements that work together to manifest the universe as we see it. Three of them are fundamental, the forth one is just a collaboration between the first three.

The first three elements (cosmic values) are:

Sr no.ElementHuman QualityIndian Terms
1.SpaceChitta spaceShiva
2.EnergyThoughts and mind stuffShakti
3.Inertia or motionDesiresKrishna or Vishnu
The cosmos is the result of just one quality. This quality has found numerous ways to manifest itself, but everything has the same basic design, including the human mind.

And notice that I didn’t mention time. Time is not an element, it is just a concept we use to quantify motion or inertia. Space-time is a useful concept for calculation, but it’s not quite accurate. Space-inertia is more accurate.

Because these 3 elements are fundamental and independent, they DO NOT interact with one another. If they appear as though they do interact (to you), it’s because you’re seeing them as an energy-form yourself (through the physical body and senses). From one perspective, they emerge from the same source and are hierarchically on the same level.

  1. Why are we here?
  2. What are we?
  3. What is this place and why is it happening?
  4. Why is existence the way it is?

All questions in the world come from a lack of understanding of Krishna. As long as there’s doubt in one’s mind, the person’s knowledge isn’t complete, and he/she needs to delve deeper into understanding the mean of Krishna or attraction. The truth is based on just one quality that has no flip side. It is, and it is not, also.

Looking at the world from human centric or energy centric world-view will always create gaps in one’s knowledge-base. And as long as there’re gaps to fill, one will continue experiencing change and movement in everything they see. In truth, nothing is changing and there was no cosmic emergence.

It’s impossible to understand this, when you’re solely focusing on the movement of energy in space. To conceive this knowledge in your mind or perceive it, you’ll need absolute detachment, which can only happen when you nurture your soul through yoga, foods, and tapa (a form of meditation).

Space, Energy, & Motion – Three Basic Cosmic Values

Space is purely a limiter. Energy appears to take form in space. It “appears” to follow the laws of physics, but, actually, nothing is happening.

Energy Perspective (Shakti)

As an energy form (human body), we are designed to perceive “the world” through our 5 senses. These 5 senses are energy forms, and so, they only give relevance to other energy forms. Why? Because of self-centeredness (personified for inanimate objects). Energy can only interact with itself. If earth falls into another planet, you die and the planet gets destroyed.

Yes, indeed the planets get destroyed, but not from action but inaction.

Energy is just one of the 3 parts of a lens that, when put together, show you the whole truth.

Interestingly, as energy becomes subtler and smaller, it begins to reflect some qualities of space. In modern physics, this phenomenon is called quantum entanglement, where two masses become one for space, but stay two in energy.

Space Perspective

The space between two masses is always infinite, while the distance may remain the same. Space doesn’t have a metric for measurement. When energy interacts in space, it needs measurements to calculate how it would interact with another energy form. Two planets collide because they interacted with one another.

While it may seem that space is creating gravity between those two planets, space has nothing to do with that interaction. The attraction between planets and the collision was a static (non-phenomenon) and definitively happened the moment creation took place.

There can be no two points in space without energy. Space appears to be a scaffolding for energy to take specific forms and work in specific ways.

But an indefinite and infinite energy envelops even this space/universe. Science has proven that the universe is expanding faster than lightspeed and even accelerating! If this is true (and it is), there’s no space-time continuum outside the universe. And because there’s no space outside, it’s not right to say that the universe is expanding. Of course, it is expanding when observed from the inside. But from outside, size is not a concept. And so, the whole cosmos could fit into a mustard seed (a popular quote made by Shiva).

Inertia or Attraction Perspective

Every law of physics and phenomenon boils down to gravity. Everything is gravitating toward becoming bigger than what it is. This inertia/attraction/movement/tendency we see around ourselves is actually a static.

But this movement and all the motion, is not actually an element. Whenever we’re talking about elements, we’re looking at things again from energy perspective (or scientific). However, an element has to have a tangible quality. For example, space is a quality, and energy is also a quality. But attraction or movement has no quality. It’s abstract and also a concept made by living creatures to understand the world. When you see movement in space, it is the result of that ultimate force that’s leading energy toward dissolution with the indefinite or ultimate soul, or you can also call it non-etheric domain.

This non-etheric domain has no space, no time, and therefore, infinite energy. This energy envelops the universe and is imploding and exploding on itself at the same time, which is the very quality of Nirgun or no-quality. Implosion is seen as space, explosion as energy, and the tendency of everything to dissolve back into infinite energy, as motion or inertia.

All the movements in the universe, from you picking up your coffee cup to a supernova far out in the galaxy, appear to happen because it is observed by the inertia of your senses and scientific instruments (artifacts of energy). All that appearance of movement and interaction is not fundamental to existence. They are derivatives and always moving forward.

Inertia is a quality of space. But equally so, space is also a quality of inertia. They define one another. This trinity is extremely difficult to articulate but easy to perceive.

The Forth Element

ElementHuman QualityIndian Terms
Light or sunSoul or ObserverBrahma

This one is the most interesting and something you can work with, potentially. Light is an element that has the qualities of all the previous three elements in their subtlest forms. This element creates a harmonious existence that puts everything together.

Light (Brings Cosmic Interconnectedness)

When you push water, it creates a wave. The waves happen because the force of your hand distorts the medium (water). Likewise, when you speak something, the ripples of your voice distort the air around you. Similarly, light moves through space because it distorts space to the minutest level (We’re talking about the distortion that happens due to gravity of the light beam).

While light is just an electromagnetic wave, it does bend to a blackhole, which means, it has its own gravitation pull too.

And most of us already know that light is the subtlest source of energy. This is why it is used to propel spaceships in space because it is the most efficient way to dissipate mass.

So, now we know that light reacts to all three elements in the subtlest way possible. Because light interacts with all three elements, it has all three of these elements in it. This is the very reason why all ancient scriptures emphasize on light so much. It interconnects everything, creates a spiritual unity, and gives you the third eye; the ability to see things for what they truly are.

It’s the ultimate godhead, commonly known as the “Para-m-brahma” (ultimate brahma or ultimate light).

From Indian perspective, you’re not exactly the Parambrahma. Your guru is meant to hold that position for you, while you stay a brahmin, which also translates to a person who is on the ultimate path. Just thought, I should tell!

You can find so many deep correlations between the ancient scriptures and modern science. And in my opinion, if the way of science ever gives relevancy to this knowledge from the past, it will definitely progress 4 – 5 times faster.

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