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5 Best Law of Attraction Books to Change Your Life Right Now

Best Law of attraction books

You cannot learn more about the law of attraction because the concept is really simple: affirm, visualize, and manifest! The quality that makes a law of attraction book great is solely how well it puts together positive ideas, impressions, and belief systems. In truth, every book is a set of affirmations that actively influence your belief systems as you read them. If you really want to get good at manifesting, you need to practice it, and the best law of attraction books help you do just that. They make you practice the law as you read them.

So, any book that conveys a positive belief system through different stories and ways, such books, even if read more than once, benefit you greatly. Imagine reading a book everyday and seeing your life conditions being taken care of effortlessly. This might sound too off the rocker, but that’s how the law of attraction works. Your Karma (action) shape your beliefs, and your beliefs manifest your reality. If you do the right things, right things will manifest for you.

With this idea in mind, here are top 10 books that’ll transform your life and manifest your DR (desired reality) as you read them.

Here are 10 highly recommended books on the Law of Attraction:

#1. Think & Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill

In the book “Think and Grow Rich”, Napoleon Hill guides us through every single step to success with numerous success stories, including the success story of his deaf son. The very stories and ideas in the book act as affirmations, which is why so many experts recommend reading the book every single day for the rest of your life!

Think and grow rich is a money mastery classic. If you specifically want to attract riches, then get this book! The book title is now available under public domain, so you can download it for free from anywhere, including Shuflash, via this link: Download Think and Grow Rich [PDF & Audiobook]

#2. The Secret – Rhonda Byrne

This book focuses more on the magical aspect of law of attraction than any self-help book. So, if you’re new to the law, this book can strengthen your beliefs in general. In addition, this book is particularly the most simple and enjoyable to read. It presents various success stories and perspectives you need to develop a positive outlook on life.

#3. The Effortless Vibration – Shubhanshu

This book particularly focuses on yogic techniques and tools anyone can use to tap into an effortless manifestation state where the person turns into a Kalpavriksha (Wish fulfilling tree). The key feature of this book is that it’s purely a tool book, which means it doesn’t dive into stories and other stuff. It gives you the preliminary knowledge and then gives out various methods one can use to (1) shape their destiny, and (2) attain spiritual enlightenment. Learn more about it here.

#4. Ask and It’s Given – Esther Hicks

This book redefines some fundamental beliefs people hold about the world. While explaining the extent to which our thoughts affect our reality, the author has addressed, through logical reasoning, why certain (especially bad) events happen in our lives, and what we should do to deal with them. This one is quite a lengthy one with monotonous pacing, but it also makes the book a great affirmation resource for everyone.

#5. The Science of Getting Rich – Wallace D. Wattles

A short and simple book and one of the oldest western books describing the law of attraction even before it was recognized as “the law of attraction”. Wallace D. Wattles explanations are simple and easy to apply for anyone. Besides the book “Think and grow rich”, this is another classic that works as a gateway book to bring people into the science of attraction. Again this book is quite old and now is under public domain. You can get a copy of it via this link: The Science of Getting Rich [PDF]

So, this was my top 5 list of the best law of attraction books out there. While many people would prefer reading over taking action. The concept is incomplete without the word “Action”. One must not just learn more, but also apply the principles and techniques discussed in all the books. Without doing your visualization practice and procrastinating, you just delay the results that can manifest in this very moment.

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