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How to Use The Whisper Method For Manifestation?

Don’t we come across people and situations that are so outside what we manifested? Well, it’s completely normal because there are so many unconscious forces working inside all of us. The whisper method manifestation was made to tackle this problem.

This manifestation method is particularly designed to tackle situations where you need to deal with people and situations immediately.

Yes! The whisper manifestation technique is extremely helpful in almost every area of life. Whether you want to make friends, get a promotion, attract your SP, fix situations, or just communicate with friends non-physically for the fun of it, it works for everything. However, this technique is most effective and fast when used for dealing with people.

In this article, you’ll discover what the whisper technique of manifestation is, how to use it in 4 simple steps, and we’ll also explain the mechanics of this technique (from both, scientific and meta-physical standpoints).

What is The Whisper Method of Manifestation?

This technique is used to whisper words, ideas or affirmations into someone’s ear. You don’t have to physically say something in the person’s ear but in your visualization.

If you and the other person are receptive enough, then both of you can communicate almost effortlessly. However, if not, you’ll have to create a strong broadcast to get the message to them. I’ll explain how to do that later.

So, when the person gets your transmission they won’t get it as plain thought or subliminal message. The person would simply be inspired to think what you just transmitted. And their awareness will naturally be carried from whatever they’re doing to your message.

Here’s one thing to keep in mind though. They won’t know whether someone sent them a telepathic message or it’s just them thinking something spontaneously. That’s why you should always frame your message from their point of view.

For example, don’t say, “text me, text me, text me” but say, “talk to xyz (Whatever your name is)” or “I want to talk to xyz”.

How Does it Work?

Have you heard of quantum entanglement? The mechanics of this technique very much resembles quantum entanglement. The only difference is, it happens in the astral plane of existence. Maybe you’re new to all this, and you just felt overwhelmed! Don’t worry, I’ll explain it in simple terms.

The space (or Akash) we live in has some fundamental qualities. For example, gravity is a quality of the space, and not the quality of two attracting planets. So, one of the quality of space is, whenever two low energy particles get close to each other, they get entangled, and now both of these particles begin to have the same fate. This means, if you change something in one particle, the other particle will change too. They’ll mirror each other until their entanglement is broken by high energy beam. (Learn more: the correlation between quantum mechanics and the law of attraction)

Because everything in the universe is based off of the same design – the godhead, – the same phenomenon occurs in the astral realm. So, if you quieten your awareness and make it ABSOLUTELY empty (which means zero energy), you’ll have access to the whole universe. Then, you’ll have to do is entangle your chitta or awareness with the place you want to go through simple visualization.

Sounds incredibly easy, doesn’t it? Like you just hacked into the matrix’s database. Now, making your awareness absolutely empty is no child’s play. You’ll have to shrink your awareness even from the 5 senses, and concentrate it on your mental body (or subtle body).

The Whisper Method of Manifestation (Step by step)

You need to follow some very specific steps, as they’ll determine how powerful your broadcast will be.

  1. First, you must clear your mind and become still; in the body, mind, emotions and awareness too, if possible. You might have your unique way to do that. Many people use breath to do it, some use visualization of a scenery, and some people… they just quieten their mind with a flick of a switch.
  2. Once your mind is quiet, keep it as silent as possible for a minute, and then repeat the message you want to transmit for 1 to 2 minutes.
  3. Now, visualize yourself moving toward the person and whisper your message in their ear 3 to 7 times.
  4. After you finish, imagine that they have received your message, and stay silent for a few minutes. This step is necessary.


That’s it! You don’t have to think about when or how they’ll receive the message, as their awareness or subconscious mind will take care of that. Whether you doubt it or not, they’ll just have your message, so you don’t have to stress it or repeat the practice.

Ideally, I recommend people to move on with their daily chores after their manifestation ritual, as only when you move on from that energy, you release it into the universe for it to find its way and manifest in the physical world.

That’s it for this post. For instant updates, subscribe to the newsletter. Thanks for reading the post on the whispering method of manifestation. Do comment if the technique worked for you, or if you made any upgrades on it. Here are some more posts to read:

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