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Manifesting Things Through Sacral Chakra

sacral chakra for manifestation

Sacral chakra gives your the power to manifest things into your life. The law of attraction and the science of sacral chakra are closely associated to one another. Because the sacral chakra determines your mastery upon desires and is the source of all desires, without it, one cannot manifest anything.

However, 99.99% have no mastery over their sacral chakra — and by that I mean nobody! Only a few who have been through the sacral chakra Sadhana can truly manifest something of immense or divine quality.

What Sacral Chakra Mastery Looks Like?

By mastery, I don’t mean you must energize it, or buy sacral chakra jewelry. You don’t need jewelry, ornaments and cosmic crystals to master sacral chakra. Mastering sacral chakra means developing control over it through practice. A point must come when you’re able to completely stop creating new desires, and practice your power to choose.

Right now, you’re constantly creating one desire after another every minute (and I’m being generous with the frequency). Not just the desire to get things, but the desire to drink water, eat food, sleep and pee, everything must become a conscious process.

When you’ve transcended your mind, body and desires, you achieve the ability to concentrate on anything with a static mind. For example, try to frame a static picture in your mind for 5 minutes. Visualize a white unmoving, static, flare-less light in the center of your eyebrows. You can’t do it!

When you’re able to do this, you attain supernatural abilities. At this point of sadhana, you’re very close to enlightenment and can choose to leave your body any time. In a way, you’ve transcended even the deities, and can create your own dakinis, deity and divine subtle forms.

However, this doesn’t mean you can create the creator itself. A creator and deity are two different things. A deity is just personification of a quality of creation, and not the creator. And creating a divine entity would take a huge toll on you as well because it would feed off of your life energy.

How to Master Sacral Chakra?

There are two ways to master the sacral chakra, one is through bhakti or devotion, where you end up having no will of your own. Bhakti is the most joyful and blissful way to live. But if you’re a bhakt or devotee, people would not understand you and think you are a simple person.


Lord Hanuman’s infinite strength and powers are often associated to his devotion toward lord Rama. It’s not that lord Rama grants him those powers, his own devotion is the source itself. You can dissolve yourself through devotion,

So, the question is, what thing, activity or person can you devote yourself to completely?

Devotion usually happens through some kind of initiation or blessing.

Becoming awareness dominant

The second way to master the sacral chakra is through practicing concentration and releasing self-concept. This method is excruciatingly difficult because, here, you have to close yourself in a room for 30 to 60 days, only eat fruits and drink water, and meditate all day, no matter what, to the point that your will and desires just die.

So, here the goal of this sadhana is to release all your prejudice and become completely empty.

This is the path of awareness, which takes a long time to master. But here, you will also witness tangible results and the way you’re progressing through. So, as your intensity of concentration increases, your power to manifest will increase.

Once you identify yourself as awareness, you naturally begin dropping unnecessary deviations and become more focused. The Isha kriya offered by Isha foundation is a great start toward developing your Swadhisthana/sacral chakra.


Either way, becoming desire conscious can also help you take a big leap toward mastering your sacral chakra. There are more than just 2 ways to master it, but fundamentally, they’re all derived from one of the two mentioned above.

That’s it for the post on manifestation chakra. In the next one, we’re going to dig deeper into other chakras and their role in manifesting human life and experience the way it is. Subscribe to newsletter, please!


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