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How to Manifest a New Reality Using the Two Cup Method

two cup method for reality shifting.

The 2 cup manifestation method has been one of the more popular manifestation techniques adopted by several influencers, manifestation practitioners, and the whole social media. It is definitely an odd one, and has shown results for many! Or has it REALLY?

People say they have used the two cup method to win lotteries, manifest financial abundance, manifest their SPs, manifest beauty, and so much more.

This article will uncover the hidden truth about this popular manifestation technique called the two cup method, which you can arguably use to manifest your desired reality just with a 10 minute practice. We’ll look at how it works and what ritual you need to partake to move it into action.

What’s the Two Cup Method?

The two cup method generally involves the following steps, but you may find slight variations of it all across the internet. However, the base idea is the same: You’re shifting realities through a quantum leap.

  1. You need two glass cups (one filled with water and one empty), a pen, and two pieces of sticky paper to label the cups.
  2. Prepare the cups by writing your current situation on Paper A, and your end goal on Paper B. Make sure that you use a phrase that imply you’ve already manifested the result in Paper B. For example, if I want to manifest a specific facial feature that I’d love to have, I’ll write “I want to change the shape of my eyes.” (current situation) on paper A, and “My eyes now look wider and more expressive now.” on paper B.
  3. Stick Paper A on the cup that’s filled with water, and Paper B on the empty cup.
  4. Now, slowly pour the water from one cup to the other. And as you do, speak the phrase you’ve written on Paper B (the end result) and image you’re moving from the current dimension to a new dimension.
  5. Now discard the old label (paper A).
  6. Once the water is transferred completely, say “thank you! thank you! thank you!” as you visualize the desired reality, and drink the water.

What’s The Best Time For This Ritual?

It’s best to do this practice before sleep, so ideally at night. And make sure that you keep the cups as they are after the practice. We recommend going to sleep right after the ritual, and see the cups and read the end result right after waking up in the morning.

This will change the courses of action you take on the next day automatically. So, you don’t have to think about manifesting what you want. You’ve already manifested it with the ritual. Conduct the day as you normally would and see the magic happen.

How Does The Two Cup Method Work?

The two cup method invokes a powerful psychological phenomenon. Upon performing this ritual, you’re taking a quantum leap and shifting from your current reality to desired reality by creating an odd disruption in your daily patterns. It’s quite like breaking out of the matrix by doing something you’re not supposed to do.

Normally, you’d drink water and only reinforce a mental pattern you’ve been performing since birth. Then suddenly, on one day, you decide to fill the cup, pour it into another cup, and then drink. This oddity of transfer of water from one cup to the other creates a quantum fluctuation which transfers you from current reality of you drinking water normally to drinking water from a different cup in an alternate reality. And as you associate your desire on the piece of paper, you bring that desire along with you into an alternate reality.

As you perform the ritual, you signal your subconscious mind that the ritual is somehow shifting dimensions. This dimension-jumping creates a slight shift in your perception, which further alters your pre-destined courses of action.

When you go to sleep immediately after the ritual, you’re using the power of autosuggestion and continuously affirming to the desired reality you want to create through “subconscious and subtle” visualization. So, the circumstances and situations align themselves naturally to lead you toward whatever you’re trying to manifest. Because there are infinite numbers of dimensions, you can manifest anything you want through this technique.

5 Things to Keep in Mind

If you keep these in your mind, you’ll attract your desired reality even faster. Make sure you stay mindful of these at all times.

  1. Stay open minded and see everything as a sign from the universe that you’re manifesting it. This will solidify the truth.
  2. You don’t have to think about manifesting your goals after the ritual. I recommend that you focus on your daily tasks wholeheartedly and let the universe do its job. You’re already in the right vibrational alignment.
  3. Stay mindful of your thoughts and how you feel. Your emotional guidance scale (awareness) will help you avoid low vibrational thoughts and promote high vibrational thoughts.
  4. Practice gratitude for anything besides the reality you wrote on the paper to embody the new reality. What you wrote on paper has already manifested, so you don’t have to think about it.
  5. Make sure to stay in a good mood throughout the day. Positive energy will hasten your manifestations and also bring good things toward you.


This law of attraction technique will create a shift in dimension and lead you toward anything you’re trying to manifest, whether big or small. Attracting experiences will be effortless, but don’t focus too much on them and just do your daily chores as you would. Your currently reality will no longer serve the mental patterns you discarded with paper A.

You don’t need a reminder of new reality because it was always meant to happen, so you don’t need to think about “old and new realities”. There’s only one reality, which is the current one! Shifting dimension is effortless and anyone can do it. You just have to take action!

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