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How To Manifest Something By Writing It Down?

manifest something on a piece of paper and it'll manifest into your life

There’s no doubt that writing goals, maintaining a manifestation journal, and reading scripts daily play a crucial role in keeping our minds focused on what we want. But many of you wanted to know if it’s possible to manifest something by writing it down once on a sheet of paper. Yes! It is. Here’s everything you need to know about writing your desires into reality. Keep a paper sheet and a pen beside you.

How Writing Can be More Effective Than Visualization?

According to yoga, a human can act in the world via 10 means, called 10 Karmendriyas. The first five are the five senses, and the other five involve mental activities (consuming ideas, releasing or letting go, changing mental states, desiring, and speaking or mental dialog). The more of these 10 senses you engage in an activity, the greater the energy you imbue into that activity. So, through writing your desires, you’re giving more energy to your manifestation practice when compared to a simple visualization.

When you’re writing something, you’re using 6 Karmendriyas:

  • Vision
  • Touch
  • releasing ideas from the mind onto paper
  • changing mental states
  • desiring
  • mental dialog

Disadvantages of This Technique

You cannot use this technique wherever and whenever you want, unlike visualization and affirmations. It’s best to use everything at your disposal to manifest your dream life into reality. And we already know it’s important how much time we spend thinking about what you want — and not about what we don’t want — as it decides whether we succeed or not?

A Simple Technique to Manifest Something By Writing it Once

Rather than writing what you want and how you want it, write how you’d feel when you have it. Here are all the aspects you need to keep in mind when writing something down to manifest it.

  • Write in present tense: When you write as if you have already manifested what you want, your thoughts instantly start attracting the things you’re writing because you’re moving from the “wanting” vibration to the “having” vibration.
  • Add as much detail as possible: It’s simple. The more you write, the more engagement and energy you give to your manifestation. As you’re writing the script in present tense, you’re actively visualizing the end result and the specificity of your thoughts are making your manifestation more concrete and physical.
  • Focus on the feeling of it: Our universe works purely on vibrations alone. Clearly stating how you feel now that you have what you want can make your desires stronger and give it momentum.

Steps to Take

Step 1: Relax your mind and take long breaths. You can even close your eyes for a minute.

Step 2: Now write “Now that I have/got/manifested _______”.

Step 3: Keep writing for as long as you can. It doesn’t matter if you’re repeating yourself. The more you write, the stronger your manifestation will get.

How to Hasten the Manifestation Further?

Writing it down is enough to give momentum to your desire. But do you know, most people start doubting, think negatively, and feel bad throughout the day. This slowly reduces the momentum of their manifestation. This is the only reason why any manifestation fails. If we play tug-of-war with our thoughts, which one would manifest? The one we give most of our energy to!

By focusing on your breath, you are practicing control over your awareness. Concentration is the key to manifestation. It is not imagination, persistence, or visualization. The key is concentration. You can even print this text in huge fonts and paste it somewhere you can see. Concentration only happens in the present moment. Concentrate on your goals and what you’ve written when you’re reading the script you wrote.


At the end of the day, you are something far greater than anything you can have in your life. So, stop worrying about manifestation. Be happy that you are aware. If you want something, just bring it to your awareness and then let it go.

Here are the steps to manifest something by writing it down:

  1. Relax and calm your mind and body.
  2. Close your eyes and decide what you want.
  3. Now write how you feel after having it for as long as you want. (For this you must know why you want it.)

Things to keep in mind:

  1. Pay attention on things that make you feel happier and lighter.
  2. Know who you are by becoming aware of your breath. You are not the mind, you are just the observer.

That’s all you need to manifest anything by writing it down. Focus on the end result and be happy now!

My goal is to make you feel lighter and happier every day, so you can manifest your dreams into reality. So, make sure you subscribe to the newsletter. And thank you for reading!

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