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Here’s a Law of Attraction Infographic That’ll Change Your Life

The Law of Attraction

PDF version is down below.

Stick this law of attraction poster [PDF] on your wall so you remember and manifest effortlessly!

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7 Aspects of The Law of Attraction Infographic

#1. Beliefs

Our beliefs create our reality. We manifest what we believe. If you believe you’re worthy, you are! However, it’s important to note that creating new beliefs isn’t as simple as simply saying “I believe in…”. Beliefs are created when you practice the law of attraction through affirmations, visualization, and actively negating certain beliefs by changing the way you think and feel about certain things by creating new associations in your mind.

#2. Thoughts

Our thoughts are real and carry a force. If you think about something throughout the day, you’re giving power to it.

If you want to change the things you think about, it’s best to practice thinking about things that you want. The best time to do this is early in the morning right after waking up, as that sets your vibe for the whole day!

#3. Negativity in Life

If you believe you’re poor, you are. If you believe you’re unhealthy, you become unhealthy. Doubt yourself, you’ll find more reasons to doubt yourself. Negative influence always comes from the outside world. By sticking around people who don’t feel good, we enrich the negative within ourselves because the communication between the people happens beyond just speech and body language.

To drive off negativity, read this article: How to Feel Good When Manifesting?.

#4. Positivity

The key component of making the law of attraction work is “feeling”. You have to feel how you would feel if everything you wanted in your life has already come to you. The law of attraction works well when you’re feeling good throughout the day, because, that way, you’re implying that you already have everything you want in this moment.

Here’s a complete solution to feeling good no matter who, where, or how you are: The Effortless Vibration: master your vibrations, master your reality.

#5. Manifest

Ask what you want, and it’ll be given to you. Stop thinking about the things you don’t want. Think about the things you want. Many people are so stuck and engaged in the situation that they forget what they want because they’re busy thinking about avoiding things that they do not want. When you think about things you don’t want, you energize those thoughts, and bring them into your reality.

#6. Visualize

Thoughts permeate throughout the universe. If you want to create something, you must, first, create it in your mind.

The key here, is to visualize the object of your desire. If you want a beautiful car for your family, visualize yourself driving the car, pay attention to the sound of its engine, feel the texture of the steering wheel, feel the pressure of the accelerator! Try to engage all 5 senses into your visualization. The better you visualize and feel the car, the faster it’ll come to you in physical reality.

#7. Gratitude

The most important part of using the law of attraction is by being grateful for things that have already come into your life. When you’re grateful, you’re in that receiving vibration, where things come to you naturally, because you’re “feeling” grateful.

To practice gratitude, write 3 things you’re grateful for the most every morning. And also start gratitude journaling. Read this article to learn more: Attitude of Gratitude: Key to Effortless Manifestation.

It’s important to remember all 7 of these aspects when you’re applying the law of attraction, as they’ll guide you and help you avoid the mistakes you’re making right now. Stick this law of attraction infographic somewhere you can see. And memorize it by heart!

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