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How to Banish Anxiety and Fear When Manifesting?

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Do your beliefs create fear and anxiety when you practice the law of attraction? It’s a proven fact that addressing your personal beliefs will induce fear and anxiety, and also conceive superstitions! In fact, if you release all your beliefs, you’ll lose your identity and become like an empty slate anyone can brainwash!

So, how do we deal with emerging superstitions and the fear and anxiety caused by them? And how do we discern between truth and self-conceived lies? This article will show you three simple ways to tackle this problem when practicing the law of attraction.

3 Ways to Deal With Law of Attraction Fears And Anxieties

The human mind is like a mineshaft with different ore-mining sites. You can choose between gold, uranium and coal mine. If you dig up past trauma, you’ll get more coal!

So, stop digging the wrong spots. Stop exploring thoughts that feel bad, for they’ll never bear something of value. They’ll only reinforce your defense mechanism and close your heart further! However, if you want to dig up coal, do it as an observer, and not as someone who’s suffering.

#1. Don’t study or overthink about the law of attraction. Apply it!

We’re often too excited about the law of attraction when we’re introduced to it. Over time, this excitement loses it’s spark and turns the law of attraction into just another mundane spiritual concept. The moment you stop using it, you fall prey to laziness and push yourself into learning more about the law.

As you gather intel on the secrets of the universe, you unconsciously strengthen your procrastination habits, leave the action for tomorrow, and choose to learn more about the law today. In truth, you already know everything you have to know.

The more you apply the law, the fewer superstitions you create around it — because you’ve learnt to keep it simple.

#2. To deal with expectations that bring fear: Don’t expect anything at all.

Does thinking the wrong thoughts and listening to opposing ideas fear you? If it does, then you’ve attached your identity to “manifesting something”. And if you believe that you’re the person who’s “manifesting something”, you going to be stuck in that frequency.

So, after your visualization is complete, don’t focus on the end result. Instead, put your attention on feeling good, and all things will fall into place.

#3. Practice Dharana

Dharana is one way to develop control of thought. It is a practice where you devote your attention to one thing. It can be a figment of imagination or real-world object, but it must be something you love; something that raises your vibrations.

Focus on one things that you love. It can be anything upon which you can devote your full attention. You can choose to listen to peaceful music, binaural beats or watch flowing river.

Worksheet to Find Your Manifestation Blockages

I’ve attached a small worksheet. You can fill it up and create a highly personalized solution to your current situation and the obstacles you face when manifesting. It till tackle and banish fear in your law of attraction journey!

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