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Inspired Action: Know The Next Step Regardless of Your Situation

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Inspired action has a special place in the law of attraction community. People have made through situations and events that seemingly had no way out. If you wish for such power to guide your every action, there are a few simple steps you need to follow to activate it.

Many People call this force their higher self, gut feeling, or intuition. But honestly, I’d say it’s your higher self than anything else. We’re all manifestation of one divine self, but we see each other as different individuals because it’s a survival instinct developed through evolution.

How Do You Get Inspiration?

Pay attention now. We’ve all emerged from soil, and are no more than moving lumps of soil. The life that we are is one, the expressions are many. So, how do you think we’ve become such a complex phenomenon from soil alone?

It took over a million years for us to become human. The life on earth, that’s one soul (one consciousness), has evolved from bacteria to human. This life has made millions of progressions through various forms, not just evolving through body but also evolving in perception. The perception of life improves with evolution of subtle senses.

The human body is the pinnacle of life in terms of the level of consciousness the human body can hold. But that doesn’t mean the lower lives are any less conscious than us. Consciousness is infinite everywhere, the lower life only has lesser capacity to “hold” that all pervading consciousness.

Two Qualities of Nature

The evolution process has two qualities and these two qualities follow a chronological order of life evolution:

  1. Aparaprakriti (Instinctual nature or compulsive action)
  2. Paraprakriti (Divine nature or inspired action)

The compulsions of the human body are associated with Aparaprakriti because it’s given to us by the nature or evolution. You can call it the default of human life. Here are some examples of Aparaprakriti:

  • You’re hungry, so you naturally look for food.
  • You see a potential mate, so you naturally act a certain way.
  • You see a threat, so you naturally fear or react to protect yourself.
  • The desire to build a territory (your home).
  • The desire to steal, earn, buy, take revenge is Aparaprakriti.
  • The desire to get praised for donating something is also Aparaprakriti.

The list is inexhaustible. Explore your reptilian brain to come up with more. The phrase “evolution of life” implies that your current body is built over the qualities of every lower life. So, you have certain qualities of not just monkey, but also a lizard, insect, bacteria, and so on. These qualities define what you find beautiful-looking and ugly-looking.


Any action, thought, or inspiration that detangles you from the world and your compulsions is Paraprakriti. Or anything that is NOT Aparaprakriti is Paraprakriti.

So, know that, any thought or inspiration that’s coming from this category is from your higher self, which means you can take it as an inspired action. Yes, you may be inspired to take revenge, steal, or win big prices, but that’s coming from Aparaprakriti.

Here are some examples of Paraprakriti:

  • The desire to meditate and learn the nature of cosmos.
  • The desire to give to the world or donate.
  • Wanting to take other’s pains on yourself.
  • Being happy in the presence of individuals that are Paraprakriti dominant.
  • Having compassion toward the sad.
  • Having friendship toward the happy.
  • Showing (not acting out) hopefulness toward the evil/bad behavior.

In essence, the quality of seeing everything in the universe under the same light (or in a non-judgemental way), is the core quality of Paraprakriti. A paraprakriti individual isn’t compelled by anything, nor is that individual repulsed by anything. Everything is a projection of one thing and that’s energy.

How to Empower Your Life Through Inspired Action?

To increase how often you’re inspired to do something by your higher self, you need to study Paraprakriti-dominant personalities. For example, where there is Ram, there’s everything. Shri Ram is the pure manifestation of Paraprakriti. Studying and regurgitating his autobiography through Ramayana gives you the access, making the Paraprakriti in you more and more intelligent.

Yes, there are many others that you can study. Find enlightened beings throughout history and study them.

Unfortunately, the Author’s intellectual understanding of the character often limits the autobiography. However, Ramayana is different. Ramayana is not an autobiography, it’s a composition that helps the reader embody Rama.

Moving Through Inspiration Alone

You will become a source of Paraprakriti. A pure manifestation of Paraprakriti is worshipped across all worlds and realms. The very meaning of Para-prakriti is, that which is beyond the nature itself.

The interesting point is, no being can transcend nature by nature itself. You need an anomaly, a divine intervention. That divine intervention is Rama. And by that very rule, this post can be that divine intervention for you too IF you take action.

So, will inspired action solve all my problems?

You won’t even have to think about yourself anymore. Moving through para-prakriti is like moving with the current. You’re guided, protected, and loved because there’s no one to protect, guide, and love. Things happen to work this way because pure inspired action is the true pinnacle of human evolution and everyone knows and recognizes it subconsciously.

In addition, you wouldn’t need to “manifest” what you want anymore. All of what you want would come naturally to you when you move through inspired action. Because Inspired action by its very nature is in the benefit of all.

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