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How to Shift Reality Instantly (Consciousness Shifting)

You’re aware of the law of attraction and how it can transform your life within a matter of days. Just as surreal as it may sound, it is possible to shift reality by moving through the astral realm. In fact, with every moment passing by, your awareness is projected to different variation/levels of your current reality. If you move up to the astral realm in sleep or meditation, you can bridge to any reality you want!

This article will dive deeper into how you can shift reality step by step and also dig into the mechanics of reality shifting and how it works.

What You Should Know Before Shifting Reality

The source of our reality is pure infinity, which is shaped by the trinity; Brahma (observer), Vishnu (Attraction/desire/gravity), and Shiva (Space). While these are three discernable attributes of the ultimate godhead known as the parambrahma, their source is one, which is undefined/unlimited energy (Shakti). I’ve talked about the nature of these 4 aspects in this article: Cosmic Emergence — Why Are We Here?

When you’re trying to shift reality, you should know that there are infinite realities (in subtle “thought” forms); some may be cartoonish, some magical, some fantasy-like, some apocalyptic, any thing you can imagine is already out there somewhere in the cosmos. But you should make a clear distinction between your reality and other realities.

It is tempting to engage deeply with other realities, but this may cause disruption for you in your reality, where you’re supposed to live. Don’t allow your experiences from alternate realities affect your native reality.

The following video addresses the science behind reality shifting and what’s exactly happening when you do it. I recommend listening to it because it’ll lay the groundwork for your understanding of human consciousness.

If you feel your experiences have disrupted your vibrations/mind and are causing you emotional/mental distress, seek a therapist immediately!

How to shift reality step by step?

Following through this exercise will help you switch reality quickly in your meditation. Make sure that you follow everything to the T in this for best results. It is best that you follow this exercise during weekends or at night.

Moreover, before you perform this ritual, it is best to write down where you want to go. When you have a definite goal, you’ll not accidentally go to sleep due to indecision (which happens often).

Here’s what you should include in your alternate reality statement:

  1. Where you want to spawn (Describe the area around you)
  2. How do you look (You’ll need to engage your senses to awaken in the alternate world)
  3. What’s your purpose there (briefly describe everything you’ll do there)

Step 1: Lie Down in a Comfortable Spot & Close Your Eyes

The environment should be ideally dark with no disturbing noises, and it shouldn’t have any odd smell. Here, your goal is to create an atmosphere that doesn’t disrupt any of your five senses (taste, touch, sight, sound, smell).

Most people are going to try this on their bed, so make sure you lie in a comfortable position because you must not move after you’ve started your practice. However, a little movement is alright.

As you stay laid for 5 to 10 minutes you’ll notice that your bodily senses are starting to dissolve, which means you’re slowly transitioning to the astral realm.

Step 2: Relax and Perform a Body Scan

Starting from your toes to your head, move up your awareness through each muscle as you relax them consciously. As you reach the top, you’ll be in a hypnotic state.

Once you’re at peace and fully relaxed, you may feel the urge to drift off. Amidst the drowsiness taking over you, you’ll have to wake yourself suddenly as though you’ve been pinched by someone. And once that immediate wakefulness surges throughout your body, focus on your breath or become mindful of your body.

Do this repetitively until you accidentally tap into your astral body (which will happen in 2 – 3 tries for the first time). It will feel the same as your normal body, but when you’ll try to lift your arms up, the real body will not move. You can say it’s a kind of faux sensory state you experience when dreaming.

At this stage, you can also move into a sleep paralysis state. If this happens, do not panic, as it’s instinctual to feel vulnerable not being able to move yourself. It’s a transitory state, and if you relax, you can actually enjoy it. Just continue to relax and repeat the exercise.

Step 3: Think of The Scenario You Made on Paper

Now, the alternate world will feel dreamy, and you’ll feel like you’re thinking about it but not actually there. Don’t worry, you’re on the right track. You must slowly sharpen your senses and awaken in that world by thinking about it more.

When you tap into the alternate reality, try to find things to engage your all five senses. Try to observe the terrain closely and see the patterns, notice the smells around you, touch the walls and grass. As you do this, you’ll feel that reality more that your own.

Step 4: Do What You Came For

At this point, you’ve successfully entered your desired reality, but in the beginning, your connection to that reality will be weak. So, you’ll be able to stay there for 5 to 10 minutes at most. As you understand that reality more, you’ll be able to stay there for longer.

Sometimes you’ll feel that you’ve spent several years in the alternate reality, but when you come back, hardly 15 or 20 minutes have had passed. This is quite natural but it doesn’t happen too often.

Also, you’ll notice that the power of emotions in the alternate reality may be a 10 folds more impactful than your own reality, which may even inspire or transform your life!

Find New Worlds to Explore!

Don’t just stick to the same world! There are many more to explore. Head over to #shifters community and find what realities your friends have visited to. The most important part of shifting reality is to have fun doing it, and not take your experiences too seriously. Have fun shifting!

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