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How to Shift Realities (Physically?)

Shifting realities like magic (The law of attraction)
Shift realities like gears.

Looking into the law of attraction, you can find two types of reality shifting. Number 1, where you shift your consciousness from physical reality to another metaphysical reality through meditation or sleep self hypnosis. The second is you shifting or phasing through this physical reality or another ideal physical reality.

In this post, you’ll learn how to shift realities like magic using the law of attraction. The law of attraction is so powerful, you can change the world the way you want, by changing the way you see it, now. Of course, you can literally shift realities just by changing the way you see it. However, when you want to shift something or manifest a desire, it becomes difficult to fathom how so.

So, in this post, you’re going to learn to shift reality the right way!

Mentioning that, I believe you already have a good grasp of visualization and how to do it. If not, you can always check out the post on visualization. We’re going to use visualization extensively and create the desired reality on a sheet of paper.

Get a piece of paper and a pen.

How does this work?

In your current living experience, you’re already phasing through unlimited different realities. The nature of the universe is such that nothing is permanent. Everything is expanding, changing and transforming into something else rigorously. You can also think of it like this: Reality is like clay, it can shape itself to reflect the images you hold in your mind. And everything you see around yourself can be transformed into something else, as you already know, that proves this fact.

The cycle
Co-dependency between information, Karma and time-space or reality

The whole universe is a piece of massive karma (which can also be termed as ‘memory bank’). However, our perception and experience of universe happens via information, which is a refined form of karma. The reality we experience is curated by our 5 senses. We only see the universe how the 5 senses show us.

How we see the world decides how we act. And how we act decides how we see the world. When you deliberately visualize something that you’re not programmed to visualize, you create a new pathway, — a new way to see reality.

In this reality, nothing is fundamentally true as one aspect or dimension. When everything comes together to unite, you get the absolute truth, God or the ultimate basis of creation, which is an ungoverned entity and thus have no limitations.

The problem with shifting reality is, you cannot do it on the scale as magnanimous as the entirety of creation, only the ultimate god head can do it. Putting effort to phase through this universe physically, is like trying to sew a physical cloth with an imaginary needle and thread. The effect cannot change its cause.

Steps to Shift Reality

This doesn’t mean you can alter your current reality to “transform” it into an ideal one!

Before we begin, try to make the whole process a delightful experience. When I say calm your mind, you can go travel to a faraway natural spot, to the mountains, and sit there quietly. Taking bold decisions for little steps can help a lot. I can’t stress this enough. This way you strengthen your desire!

Let’s go over this process step by step without any further-a-do.

Step 1: Calm your mind
Shifting realities should appear mystical.
Make every step worthwhile…

All manifestation techniques should begin with a calm mind. Do you know why we stretch before lifting heavy? Because our body has not warmed up and has unnoticed tightness.

Similarly, when you calm your mind, you loosen up the unnoticed tension of the body and the mind. Therefore, making the manifestation effortless. Moreover, effortlessness is essential to success with any manifestation technique, because when you put effort into something (even unconsciously) you signal to the universe that manifesting your desire requires effort. This makes things harder to get.

Step 2: Write your entire day’s or week’s schedule

Write down the schedule that you want to manifest. You don’t have to worry about whether you’ll be able to follow it or not, just write down your ideal schedule or a lifestyle that you’d love to live.

4:00 amWake up
4:15 amCoffee or tea
4:30 amMeditation
5:20 amExercise
6:00 amCall your assistant to check for appointments and meetings
6:15 amDecide today’s plans
Daily Schedule

Try to follow this schedule every day, and remember to make little changes in your lifestyle each day.

Step 3: Write a note from the future
A confirmation sign from the future who's reality has already shifted.
A confirmation sign from the future you.

Write a note to “the past you” as “the future you” who has already manifested an alternate reality. Feel as if it has already happened. Tell yourself that you made it and how great your days are going right now.

End the note with some confirmation like, “Don’t worry, because every step you took had brought us here. So, just “do you” and know that you’re doing the right things.”

I am so grateful and happy now that I’m living the life of my dreams. Everything is going so well.
Did you know, I just manifested ____________. Oh god, all because of your efforts and faith in me.
Thank you so much for everything, past me.
Thank you so much for making the right decisions and believing in yourself.
This is a confirmation message that you made it. Now get up, stop worrying because I believe in you!
Note to self.

Things to keep in mind

  1. Be appreciative.
  2. Be grateful.
  3. Be happy and explain clearly how your days go. More days and detail you add, the better.
  4. you can also write some goals.

For example, say “Thank you for all the effort you put in the manifestation process.”.

Step 4: Give a set of random objectives to “the past you”.
Make objectives of the day towards a new reality.
Objectives of the day…

“The future you” is the messenger of “the past you”. So, you will guide him/her and set some random objectives to pave a path for “the past you” to become “the future you”.

Day 1: Go to the coffee store and get two cups of coffee. Believe me!
Day 2: Write a letter and keep it in your table drawer.
Objectives for the day.

You can also add objectives that directly take you closer to your goals. For instance, if you want to manifest a flower, give yourself an objective to go to the nearby garden.

Step 5: Stay happy and grateful throughout the day!

The most important part of all manifestation practice is to feel good in the present moment. So, do activities that make you happy, listen to your favorite music, dance, have a cup of coffee, or meditate. Whatever feels right to you.

Dimensional shifting

So, if you follow these 5 steps, you’ll shift realities effortlessly. This technique will fuel you with creativity, mystery, and a sense of adventure.

To sum up, you’ll shift your reality the instant you wrote the schedule. Furthermore, you can make it even stronger by creating a snowball effect. For instance, think positive thoughts and develop constructive beliefs around your desired reality.

Is Shifting Dangerous?

Absolutely not! If you are coming from a positive place where you’re following your heart’s calling, not shifting would be more dangerous than shifting. Follow your highest and love what you do and be assured because you are protected by the force of the universe.

That’s it for this one, today! Hope you like this post on How to shift realities. Thank you for reading!

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