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How to Set Intentions to Manifest What You Want?

How to set the right intention?

Setting intention is the first step toward manifesting something we want. The clearer our intention is, the faster and effortlessly we’re able to manifest our desires into reality. However, because we’re confused and vague about what we (really) want, we tend to subconsciously attract obstacles in our way. By being unclear, we’re conveying to the universe “I want this. But also, I’m not sure about it.” So, the universe brings obstacles in our way to make sure whether we’re clear about what we want.

To tackle this common problem beginners face, I have given below a simple step-by-step method to set CLEAR intentions for manifestation!

What’s an Intention?

But first, let’s understand what intention means, fundamentally.

Think of it like gravity. The universe tends to bring things together, and this phenomenon is called gravity. This nature of the universe (Gravity), manifests itself in the human mind as “desire”. You desire something, which makes you naturally gravitate toward it.

However, intent and desire have a subtle difference. You could desire a sweet cup of tea, but your intent could be to make yourself some tea. So, intentions are offspring of desire. They are particularly useful when you’re using your energies (or law of attraction practices) to manifest something you want.

How to Set Intentions to Manifest What You Want?

In the great depths of our subconscious mind, desires reside that even we haven’t seen. Our desires are a reflection of our karma. And also, our karma/memory determines our current reality. While having multiple desires is not the problem, sometimes, having more than one desire can create conflicting intentions in our minds.

So, firstly, you need to decide what you want, and then clear your mind. Empty your cup before filling it with something new. You can use any of the following practices to still your mind.

  1. Yogasana (Yogic poses)
  2. Pranayama (breath work)
  3. Relaxation meditation (focusing on your breath)

One more thing to keep in mind is to identify and drop unnecessary thought processes — Since you’d latch on to them as you read this. In truth, setting an intention is just as simple as folding a piece of paper a certain way. If you complicate the process, you’ll confuse yourself even more.

Relax your whole being. You can relax and chill by putting on some lofi or classical music, taking deep breaths, lying down consciously releasing tension from the body, and so on. There are countless ways to relax and empty your mind.

Your objective is to become physically and mentally still.

A Follow-along Exercise to Set Intentions

Step 1: Define Your Intention

When setting the intention, clarity is the key. The more clear you are, the lesser obstacles you face when manifesting. Ask yourself, WHY you want it. This why will lead you to an emotion through which you can pivot to the next questions.

Clearly defining what you want by being super specific can also act as an aid to making your intentions clear. If you want to manifest money, define how much, how, and when you’re getting it. And always stick on to “your why”, when answering these questions for yourself.

Step 2: Visualize the End result

When visualizing, engage all your senses. Furthermore, to boost the process, speak loudly about what you see and feel in your mind. When doing this practice, focus on the end result. For instance, envision yourself jumping and dancing from the good news you received today; Picture yourself talking to your family members on the phone and engage yourself in the talk.

This will further strengthen your intentions by engaging more parts of the brain.

Step 3: Forget about it

Forgetting is just as essential. Once you stop thinking about it, your thoughts get deeply implanted in your subconscious mind. This is called the grounding process. Your intentions become well-grounded in your mind once you let go.

Remember: To let go, you don’t need to do anything. Just move onto your daily chores, and sooner or later you’ll forget about it.

Attributes of a Pure Intention

Intentions are fundamental but sometimes their expression can take different colors. For example, a student who wants to impress his parents intends to get good grades. However, scoring well is not his true intention, it’s an expression of his true intention — Which is to build a good impression.

In short, ask yourself, why? Why do I want something? Take one example. Let’s say you want a Lamborgini. Why would you want it? Is it because you love cars? No. You’d like to see your friends drop their jaws over it? Probably. Then why would you want that? To feel happy and excited? Sure! This way, you can dig down and find your true intention. Once you do, visualize that — And not you sitting in the car, riding it to places — That’s too much work.

Pure intentions are always deliberate. This means no doubts and fears are stopping it.

Another sign of true intention is inspired action. If you are inspired to take action toward something, you have a pure intention.

The Bottom Line

In the end, it all boils down to your true intentions. A kid who is afraid to speak to an audience intends to fear screwing up. Make sure you have a clear mind when setting up intention, as it is key to setting it the right way. A student who scores well has an intention to answer every question correctly. Intentions are like seeds — They are the basis of the future. You can choose them consciously, or let the external environment choose them for you.

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