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How To Manifest Something In Your First Try?

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Have you ever had a desire to make your manifestations quicker and your practice more definite? The law of attraction is a vast science that must be ‘understood clearly’ and ‘followed accurately’! If you want to manifest something in your first try and become consistent with manifesting significant things, make sure that you follow this article through.

To define the manifestation process in simple terms, “you create a belief, and the universe/subconscious mind manifests it into your reality”. However, when we look into the process of make-believing, it may not be as simple for everyone.

Manifestation doesn’t work when you are waiting for it to happen. Here’s the truth that nobody wants to tell you. The longer you wait, the more you kill your desire, and therefore your power to manifest. Desire is solely the key, everything else is secondary when it comes to the law of attraction.

Since manifestation is synonymous with the word ‘co-creation’ – because you are creating something ‘with’ the universe – asking for something is only half the story. If you want to manifest something, you must nurture the seed of your desire through physical and mental action until it’s ready for harvest.

Remember, mental and physical actions are equivalent. If you believe you can’t imagine or think yourself into your ideal future, act. If you believe you’re in no position to act, imagine and create your ideal future in your mind.

Here are a few steps to manifest something in your first try.

Steps to Manifest Something in Your First Try

#1. First, Forget About Manifesting it

Paraphrasing Ekhart Tolle, if you want to manifest something quickly, first, you have to forget about manifesting it. Why? Because why would you want to manifest something when you already have it? I’ve done this mistake countless times, I cared too much about manifestation.

A great point to take in and embody is this: Nothing in this world is worth more than how you feel right now!

#2. Visualize the End Result

Visualize what you want as already yours. When thinking about the end results, question yourself why you want something? When you find your own unique answers to this question, your desire to manifest that something will increase, and so will the speed at which it comes into your reality in physical form.

When doing this practice, your ability to concentrate can help you immensely. As one’s ability to concentrate increases, so does their power to attract certain outcomes into reality instantly. When your consciousness reaches a state where it’s restfully focused on a single static feeling/thought/imagery, that thing comes to you effortlessly, without doing anything! Here’s a book that offers you the tools and techniques needed to achieve this effortless vibrational state: The Effortless Vibration: How to Raise Your Vibration No Matter Where You Are Right Now.

When you rewire your subconscious mind, it holds images and events in the awareness and as a result, your awareness reshapes those images and influences the subtle energies present in the time-space/ether.

When you are visualizing, you are actually using the power of autosuggestion. Don’t think about autosuggestion when visualizing. I’ve placed a link for those interested in the mechanics of visualization.

To learn how to visualize vivid and memorable scenes/events this resource will help: How to Visualize For Manifestation (Follow-Along).

#3 Let it Go & Move on

Absolutely surrender to where the universe takes you. The universe may bring obstacles in your way before making something manifest. These obstacles are manifestations of your own “unspoken desires”, clashing or contradicting with what they’re trying to manifest right now. When such obstacles appear, you’ll be reminded of a limiting belief or a conflicting desire (by the universe). So, make sure that you “decide” to choose what you want!

Also, it’s important to realize that “you don’t have to let go”. Letting go happens automatically when you move on to some other chore. If you’d like to explore the law of attraction in greater depth, you might want to try this manifestation technique: The Overnight Manifestation Method.

How long does it take to manifest something?

The time at which your manifestation will appear will be when you’re completely ready to receive it and when you KNOW that it’s coming, which means it can happen in 5 minutes or 1 hour! Focusing too much on time appears to delay it, however.

Just remember to stay in a positive mood throughout the day. Don’t even bother thinking about manifestation because you’ve done your part. To stay happy and energized throughout the day, you can have coffee, dance, draw, and do everything that makes you feel happier.

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