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How to Manifest Someone With Specific Traits?

How to manifest someone

People have used the law of attraction to manifest their soulmates, good friends, apprentice, employers, and employees. We often use it subconsciously to manifest people into our lives. Furthermore, we only attract people with similar interests and attention centers. So, how do we manifest someone?

The people you see around yourself, – even those who you passed by without noticing – were a reflection of your own karma or Prarabdha. There are people outside your frequency. In fact, this law is so absurd, you can’t even meet and talk to people outside your frequency. You only attract people and situations that are in alignment with who you are.

In the east, there is a belief that people, groups, and clans are bound together. They stay together in the same space of awareness even after death. Moreover, many names have been given to such spaces such as Vaikuntha or heaven.

You can listen to a free audiobook of a hypnotherapist who uses hypnosis on his clients to help them go back in time and explore life before they were born. It doesn’t have theories or speculations, just reports of his sessions with different people.

To manifest someone With Unique Traits

Step 1: Know who they are

To manifest someone in your life, firstly, you must know who they are. Ask yourself, who, what, why, and how they are. Write down their traits and clearly define them to yourself. When you are clear about what you want, you can move on to the next step which is visualization, but not just yet. Let’s define them even more clearly.

Step 2: Draw a circle

Make a circle on a sheet of paper and fill it with everything you want in them and be super specific. If you already know who they are, that’s even better. List out everything you know about them and fill the circle with it.

You can even define their personality by their appearance and body language, their relationship with food and eating regime, and their intelligence level and emotional quotient. How emotionally stable are they?

Are they fueled by an abundance or scarcity mindset? How do they talk and react to specific dialogues?

Step 3: Visualize

Visualize how you’d feel to have such a person in your life or working environment. Don’t refer to what you have written on paper. Just focus on FEELING. Slowly, you’ll begin to see them clearly in your mind and believe they are already here.

Step 4: Align with what you’ve written

Are you similar to the person you are trying to manifest? If not, use affirmations and autosuggestion to reshape your personality in such a way that it would match theirs’. Furthermore, see the world through their eyes, as though you are a writer of a fiction novel.

Step 5: Let it go

I often tell people to accept defeat immediately after the practice. You see, the “letting go” concept is pretty vague. Furthermore, people often let their thoughts slip after completing the practice. Of course, you can’t be conscious throughout the day without practice.

So, accept that it may or may not happen. Moreover, if it is meant to happen, it’ll happen anyway, and if not then it won’t. So, why even bother? Focus on other important things.

Step 6: Feel good now

After you finish the 5 steps, focus on yourself. Find ways to feel good throughout the day. For instance, go shopping, have some coffee, talk to a friend, learn something new, etc. Feeling good raises your frequency and brings what you love toward you faster. Through people I’ve met, I know that it might be difficult to feel good when you are surrounded by negative people. A way to deal with this is by creating distance between you and your mind. I’ve heard Sadhguru talk about this and it worked out for me. So, I believe it’ll work for you too.

If it doesn’t then you can also practice techniques where you saturate your mind with thoughts of gratitude and happiness. You can write 100 things you are grateful for and also think of times when you were happy.


All things considered, fundamentally we are trying to create a clear and detailed mental image, and then visualize and align with it. So, to manifest someone you need to know who they are. Ask yourself the 5 W’s (who, what, why, where, when). Furthermore, write down their personality traits, describe their appearance and body language until a clear mental image is formed. In the end, visualize and align yourself to compliment their traits. For instance, if they are a foodie, learn new dishes; Or if they have a strong work ethic, design an effective workflow. Do they like protein shakes? Buy and keep protein shakes at home.

Last but not least, forget about it and let it go. However, if you cannot do that, then rather give up and accept defeat. Even if you do this, you’ll naturally let it go and it’ll happen.

That’s it for this post. Thank you for reading the post on how to manifest someone. Hope you liked the information presented here. If you did, share it and subscribe to our newsletter. Here are some more posts you’d love to read.

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