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How to Manifest on Paper?

How to manifest on paper

Why manifest on paper? Manifestation is a vague topic when it comes to action. Everyone has a different thought process and so each needs a unique methodology.

However, storytelling can work for everyone because you are creating the story yourself. When you write your future in first-person narrative, something phenomenal happens at the 10-minute mark.

You tap into the flow state and see your future so vividly that you start living it as you write β€” And this is where the magic begins.

Why writing it on paper is important?

When you manifest something on paper you give it a physical form. It would not be the actual thing but a tangible thought. However, it would make things definite β€” Because when writing it on paper, you would describe it with clarity and detail.

When it comes to manifesting, your power is in the specificity and clarity of thought.

So, let’s dive into this technique and see how we can manifest anything – big or small – by writing it on paper.

3 Steps to manifest anything on paper

Step 1: Relax and make a list of items you want to manifest.

Take deep breaths and consciously release the tension from your body. You can relax your mind through any meditation technique or by bringing attention to your breath.

Initially, you don’t have to be specific. Just list the assets you want to manifest. However, don’t make it too big as it may become overwhelming. Choose anywhere from between three to five things.

When listing, keep things concise β€” Be specific as to what you want. For instance, if you want a car, write its model name and that’s it.

Step 2: Write it in detail.

Flip the page, pick one item at a time and elaborate. As you do this, you’ll give as much detail as possible. Consider the following: (Consider, not compulsory)

  1. Touch and texture
  2. Color & Shape
  3. Smell
  4. Sound
  5. Taste if possible

Step 3: Do Storytelling. Be Creative!

Now, you can write a story as someone who has already manifested what they asked for. Be grateful and write your entire day’s schedule on the paper.

Write as if you are creating your day and as you move forward, ask yourself β€” What happened next?

Treat the paper as your sandbox. Whatever you write on it, it’ll manifest. So, make the creative process as enjoyable as possible. For instance, you can also add twists and turns, making things more comical and interesting. Moreover, you can also add surprises and funny events. Remember, when writing, try to make things sound as real and practical as possible.

Furthermore, don’t change personalities suddenly and don’t make weird, unreal, or magical things happen for no reason.

Step 4: Forget about it.

After writing the story, don’t read it. Just throw it in the dustbin or burn it. Let it go β€” No matter how valuable you think it is. As soon as you let it go β€” You’ve already given the order to the universe. It’ll take care of the rest.

Moreover, just move on with your daily chores and act as if nothing happened. Forgetting is essential because it tells the universe that you’re not desperate.


The process behind every manifestation is the same β€” Visualize, believe and receive. The thing at work is not the technique β€” It is you! The most important thing to remember is to follow the steps. Because many people get lost in the information across the web. This, in turn, overwhelms them which causes them to take no action.

In fact, this separates 90% of the crowd from successful people. As mentioned by Napoleon Hill himself, the accomplished ones make quick decisions and act upon them. And failures make lousy decisions and do not act.

That’s it for this post. If you liked the information here, share and subscribe to the newsletter. Thank you for reading through. Comment below what you think, I’m curious.

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