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How to manifest on 8 August, 2023?

How to manifest on 8 august? An image of night sky and lion's gate portal

This is an auspicious opportunity to manifest on 8 August (8/8). On this day, the spiritual sun (A star named Sirius) emerges every year. This star has a positive influence on us. When it happens, you’ll notice a shift in energy. In fact, you’ll start to notice this change on the new moon day (August 1st). In this article, we’ll explain how you can make use of this opportunity to manifest what you want on the 8th of August.

Why is 8 August 2022 Auspicious?

The numbers 8/8 signify the symbol of infinity and happiness. In addition to that, on August 8th, it is happiness day, which means the energy of the planet is going to spike. With all of the positivity around, you’ll have a more conducive environment to manifest your desires.

From an astrological point of view, this day will open up the ‘lion gate’s portal’, which means a star named Sirius will make an appearance in the night sky.

What is the Lion’s Gate Portal?

We interviewed some of the expert astrologers in this subject matter. According to some astrologers, the lion’s gate portal opens up doors to newer possibilities. This is particularly the time when Sirius – the brightest star – can be seen in the night sky. It will affect those who have a sun-dominant personality the most.

How to Make the Most out of It?

Do you know the reason why people suffer so much? Suffering is our own making. Our minds latch onto negative things the more we think of them. To be receptive, you must dissociate yourself from your mortal body and the compulsions of your physical form. But unfortunately, you cannot do that even if you try. You cannot let go, because if you could, you’d have already done it.

Instead of putting effort into something that doesn’t work, you must rather focus on becoming as silent and still as possible. As you become quiet, you’ll naturally experience blissfulness, which will bring tears of joy. That is the state we call ‘Samyukti‘ (where all wishes and thoughts manifest into reality).

How to Manifest on 8 August?

When you’re blissed out, you don’t need anything else in your life. This is the state you want to be in on this day! The moment you detach from your ‘wants’, everything falls into place.

In such a state, you must follow the common protocol to manifest. To manifest on 8 august, prepare and visualize what you want a day before (optimally do it as the last thing before you go to bed). Then on august 8, don’t bother thinking about it because it has already manifested. And remember to be detached from the outcome.

You can also perform quantum leap techniques or your typical manifestation methods – whatever works best for you.

That’s it! Thank you for reading on “How to manifest on 8 august”. Here are some more links to valuable manifestation secrets.

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