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How to Manifest Money [+ Free E-Book]

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Manifesting money has never been difficult, it’s just that people are so attached to it, they force themselves into a frequency that feels difficult to break out from. Every person has opinion, if not philosophy, on everything including money. Getting exposed to so many frequencies around a specific topic can sometimes confuse us and misalign our frequencies and innate guidance system.

With all the gossip around the law of attraction and how you can use it to attract or manifest money without taking action, a certain group of people lose their purpose and fall into a perpetual cycle of ‘information-seeking’. Because the law of attraction has countless techniques and approaches, people often misjudge and doubt their own knowledge on the subject. They forget that they already know, and that they must act NOW!

So, in this article, not only will you discover the antidote for ‘toxic information’ but also how to set up your mind and think to bring tangible and permanent riches.

Furthermore, we’ll also take you through an exercise a few number of times, so you have a definite picture in your mind.

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Build a Clear Picture of Money

Quintessential wealthy individuals have one thing in common: they have a definite image of ‘what money means to them.’ And because they’ve clearly defined a personal picture on money – certainly a positive one – they have built a guidance system for themselves and also, ‘clearly defined what they want,’ which is imperative to manifesting abundance.

A crystallized image of money would make it more accessible to you, which means, you’d be able to dwell upon this definite image with less conscious effort and will. So, the most important thing to do is to first define what money means to you.

Money Means Advancement

The image of money differs vastly from people to people. You must ensure that your image is a positive one. Moreover, know that, often, when wealthy people think of money, they do not particularly think of stacks of paper or a certain number in their bank account.

You must think of the benefits of the money you’re about to receive. So, visualize driving your favorite car, buying your favorite accessories, going to stores with high-end products, giving more, and so on.

Besides visualization, DO NOT think of competition or being better than someone else when visualizing. It would stop your manifestation because you won’t be able to raise your vibrations with that. People who live in the competitive mindset often attract temporary riches if at all. When you’re asking for money (from the universe, consciousness or formless substance), you’re not asking for someone else’s money. You’re asking directly from the formless, which has no limit reserved for you.

When you ask from the formless (and not ask for a share from what’s already created) you are able to tap out of the competitive state and into the creative state.

See Yourself Providing a Service (To Justify Your Riches “to Yourself”)

Furthermore, you must see yourself providing the service – whatever it may be – in return for the money. And while doing so, keep in mind that your offered service is perceived (by you) to be more valuable that the money you’re receiving. Think of it like this: for the indigenous people, money is worth more than a beautiful painting. A gun, however, is more valuable than money, as the weapon would help improve their comfort.

As Bob Proctor once said, people would rather die than think. You must think now! What does money mean to you, and then proceed forward? Make sure that you create a delightful experience. Think of the things that you can get from money that would compel you enough to actually want it.

Create Abundance Mindset: The Belief of Limited Supply

Our thinking supports our survival, it doesn’t show us the universe in its true form. Because our beliefs are conditioned, they distort our perception of reality. In truth, the universe has always provided for those who had faith. And the truth is far off from the appearance.

Our evolutionary encoding suggests, if you have 3 apples and you eat one each day, the apples would last 3 days. However, this doesn’t take into account the finding of more apples within the next 72 hours. The result of whether you manifest more apples or not would totally depend on your thoughts. Our logic cannot see the unseen possibility, but the formless can.

Why do you think plants grow, the water flows, or the humans always seek expansion? It is because growth and fulfilment are intrinsic attribute of the universe. Their purpose is to seek expression through you.

Purpose of The Universe: Abundance and Expansion

A universe without the quality of ‘awareness’ would NOT function the same way. If world is just a conglomeration of natural forces and machineries, then these machineries would seek no more than survival. The truth is, the world would not ‘be’ without consciousness.

The all pervading consciousness is synonymous with existence — It is the fabric of Time-Space. Without it, the energy, in the form of matter, anti-matter and dark-matter, would fall apart in all directions. Consciousness gives energy a form and a ‘definition‘.

The creation is more eager than you to give you what you want. So, your job is not to create, nor is it to strive for what you want. Your job is clearly define what you want. Clearly and definitively!

If you believe that we live in the competitive world, and there’s not enough for everyone, you must drop this thought. Even if there’s no gold to dig, it will manifest from the formless, however it may do so. The formless is the creation and the creator. Its job is to manifest creation and seek fulfilment through you.

Here are some fundamental truths that you must take to heart:

  • The empty space — the stars and the galaxies — the entire universe is made from a single intelligent, formless substance. It is thought — a clearly defined, detailed and colossal thought.
  • A thought, in this substance, produces the thing that is imaged by the thought.
  • Man can form things in his thought, and, by impressing his thought upon formless substance, can cause the thing he thinks about to be created.

Definite Steps To Manifest Money

You do not have to address any negative or limiting beliefs, as the book I’ve attached to this post (“The science of getting rich“) will cover that part. Your focus mustn’t be on the illness, but the cure.

So first, we’ll begin by creating a conducive environment for the manifestation by opening ourselves up to the truth. Relax your body, mind and spirit by taking deep breaths. Now think — everything in our creation comes from one intelligent and formless substance.

Now, be grateful that you’re given this opportunity to communicate your desires to this substance, and bring them into form. Be grateful that the universe or god has chosen you to experience this wish fulfilling world — So you can manifest whatever you want. This is the creator’s playground where you could bring form from formlessness.

Once you feel a sense of gratitude, define clearly what you want (money), and visualize as if you already have it now. Have utmost faith and gratitude in the formless substance, because that’s how it works. It doesn’t doubt, question or judge your desires. It crystallizes the definite images and feelings into form! And now, live the life you’ll live after you have the money (In your mind).

Re-read the above three sentences over and over again, until you’ve memorized them. Once you’ve defined the right way to think, you’ll have no problem manifesting money.

Follow no other steps as they’ll create doubt in you and bring failure. (You’ll learn this in the book as well)

Manifesting Money: How to Get Your Money Game Right?

You might have watched experts and gurus talk about manifesting money, living a rich lifestyle in the moment, and imagining buying this and that without second thought… The only question is, did it work for you? The best you could do was manifest scam calls and messages on your phone and waste money on lottery tickets. Sounds familiar?

Well! Manifesting money is not so simple — But hey! That doesn’t mean it isn’t easy. Money is a very complex topic summed up in one word. The whole world revolves around it. While anyone can talk about it, very few really — REALLY understand it.

So, even if you do money meditation all day, you’ll mostly fail, or attract something negative. Why?

For the time being, as you read this article, forget everything you know about the law of attraction and manifesting money. Forget everything social media stars taught you. Believe me and everything I say. After you finish, you can take it or leave it. But I assure you, this package will switch your money situation like day and night.

Understanding Money is Key

You don’t understand how it “feels” to have money because you’ve probably never had it or had enough. When you visualize, you’re not thinking of the fat income tax you have to pay, your bills, your weekly schedule, monthly plans, goals, meeting, interviews, meetups, deals and pitches you need to make, the value you need to create, and so on!

To manifest money, you need to think about everything but money. Money is just an idea. It’s not something you really want. You want the benefits of riches, not the riches per se.

Following points will help you understand money and its place in the world.

#1. Value Your Time & Organize Your Life

First and foremost, you must start to plan how you want to create value for the world. You cannot “earn” money without creating value for the world. So, if you cannot value your time enough, use money as your currency for time.

Considering that you already have some skills to offer to the world. Let’s say you want to earn a 10 grands a month and you work about 5 hours per day. So, your hourly rate should be $65. That is your time’s worth. If you’re not earning $65 per hour during work hours, your time is undervalued (either by you or whoever you work with/for).

#2. Don’t Visualize. Take Incisive Action & Visualization Will Happen Naturally

People have become successful without learning the secret.

You might have heard from experts and gurus that you need to stay in the right mindset to attract wealth. That’s true, but keeping the right mindset isn’t a prerequisite. And in fact, you don’t even know what to visualize, and the feeling of attracting wealth is quite abstract. So, if you visualize manifesting money, you’ll just attract loans, money from relatives, and spam-offers on your email and mobile phone.

The truth is, if you take incisive action toward what you want, your brain will naturally tend toward creating the right feelings, images and mental paradigms. YES! It is true. Over 5 years of testing the law of attraction, observing the state of my mind, I have figured this out, and I know it’s true. Every expert and LOA advisor ignores this fact for some reason. Don’t ignore the power of action.

In contrast, if you’re taking action, and you don’t feel positive or like you’re moving toward success, it means you’re doing something wrong. The law of attraction guides you through intuition and gut feeling. Don’t continue doing the same thing while changing your mindset to abundance. It won’t work. It’ll just create resistance.

Think what skills you have that can create value for people in any way. For example, you could be a great writer, programmer, artist, teacher, and so on. And if you don’t want to work 9 to 5, climb the corporate ladder, and join the rat race, then learn how to market yourself, find prospects and pitch them. As you take the right action, your brain will “automatically” create the right feeling of success and abundance.

#3. Money isn’t about Morality

Money has no duality because it’s just an idea. This doesn’t mean that you are free to scam and steal from others, as that’ll be logically a dumb thing to do. Don’t put money on the spectrum of morality. Money is equivalent to value created, nothing more or less.

If your financial situation isn’t great but you want riches, don’t settle for low and don’t work for/with people who cannot afford your time. Keep your standards high and demand money for the value you’re creating. You’ll come across people or clients who’ll try to determine the value of your work. If you’re going to work independently or as an entrepreneur, it is imperative that you don’t compromise on what you charge no matter what.

Be practical about how you spend your time. Design a schedule and think practically how and where the money from your clients or customers would go. Determine how much money you need to earn a living and how much extra you want to enjoy life. Ideally, you would want to start with a small number.

Also, I’ve seen many people doubt their ideas because they seem inappropriate. If you’re an artist, sell art, open an only fans, run an Instagram channel featuring your art, don’t constipate your ideas and hunches with stigma around what you consider taboo. Only if you open your mind to every possibility, it will give you insights into the future.

#4. Money Will Not Change the Way You Feel Right Now

Even if you get all the money you wanted in your bank account, it won’t suddenly make you happy and feel fulfilled. If you’re not ‘abundance conscious’ and you earn lots of money through incisive action, your mind will tend toward suffering. And suffering will try to manifest poverty in different ways.

#5. Learn to Express Yourself & Communicate Value

If you want to open yourself and feel good in the world, you’ll need complete self-expression, and that can only happen if you don’t fear being judged. People will misinterpret you in a million ways, I can assure you that. Some will try to condescend you, some would take credit for your work, some will hate you, some would play politics with you, some will ruin your reputation.

Amidst all that BS, if you cannot express/communicate value you “want” to create for people, nobody would want to work with you. My Medium blog will teach you how to market yourself and your business to the right people online. Make sure you follow me there if you want to learn to do business and how to present yourself to the world.

Conclusion – Manifesting Money

The key to earning a lifestyle you desire isn’t about money. If you want to succeed in any profession, you need to stay single pointed and persistent for some time. If you aren’t able to be single pointed, things will take some time to manifest. So, don’t switch and change your decisions often. Stick to one thing and stay persistent until it manifests! That’s the key.

PS: Don’t take life too seriously. No physical aspect of creation can touch you. Stay light hearted, jolly and open with everything in the universe.

That’s it for manifesting money. Make sure you follow me on Medium for marketing and business tips and subscribe to Shuflash newsletter to receive articles the moment I hit publish.

A Book on Manifesting Money [PDF]

The steps that we’ve mentioned are conceived with the knowledge of this book. They are complimentary to the book as they emphasize the steps mentioned by the author of “The science of getting rich ~ Wallace”. Make sure that you read this book DAILY. And read no other book on the same subject until you begin to manifest riches. This is the quickest way to manifest. Happy manifesting and congrats on your success in advance. Have a great day!

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