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How to Manifest Beauty: The Law of Attraction

how to manifest beauty

We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world. Buddha.
How to manifest beauty? Is it possible? Yes, it absolutely IS POSSIBLE!

You can find various associated studies that proves this fact. For example, did you know? An interesting fact about personality disorder is that it does not just change how people behave — But also makes drastic changes in their facial features. In fact, many psychotherapists alleged that they’ve seen changes in eye color, jawline shape, facial contours, and even disappearing and reappearing scars.

Were they possessed? I don’t know. Then how did they make physical changes in their body? By BELIEVING that they were someone else. They shifted their self-image, or more accurately, their persona!

How to Manifest Beauty: You Can Even Change Your DNA

Still not convinced? Okay! Here’s one of my personal experiences. I’ve seen a person whose facial features totally transformed, and that too well after his 30s. Over a few years span, he began to look exactly like his Guru (who was female). What happened and how did it happen?

Why do pregnant woman keep beautiful pictures around them? It’s so her child’s form gets influenced through autosuggestion. When she looks at something she wants her child to be like, her thoughts vibrate in her body and influences the structure of the child.

You might be questioning, whether you should change your appearance or just the way you see yourself (aka your self-image). No, the question isn’t about whether you should or shouldn’t — It is about what’s possible for you. And in truth, you are all the power there is.

You can manifest anything you want.

Now, the question is, how to do it? How can you change your appearance, features, and even body type?

It is through the concentration and visualization.

Change Takes a level of Love, Obsession and Concentration

A tainted image might erupt as you think of these words. Isn’t obsession a sign of dependency?

No! It is a sign of devotion. Moreover, it is the only way you can align your energies and keep them focused on one thing.

If you want to transform and make yourself more beautiful, the boundary between you and your perfect beauty needs to be obliterated. Fall in love with your perfect self and feel it as a living reality.

Manifest Beauty By Becoming More Vibrant

Have you ever noticed that some people are more vibrant than others? Their presence spur the environment and make it more joyful and agitated. Maybe this vibe is curated to their personality and not energy. On the flip side, if you make your ‘energies’ vibrant, you naturally become beautiful.

To make your energies more vibrant, you should raise your frequency and feel good in the moment. In fact, if your just stop giving attention to negativity ‘outside’, and explore on the positivity ‘inside’ just for one day, you’ll look much more beautiful the next morning you see yourself in the mirror.

Lotus Emerges Not From ‘Dirt’ But ‘The Right Nourishment’

A seed can transform filth into a beautiful lotus – So, there’s no doubt that universe can transform anything effortlessly. So, here you have a seed of desire, your thoughts are the nourishment, let the universe transform and shape your unique beauty.

About the right nourishment, you must eat foods that lift your energies up and not pull them down. This means you must stay away from processed foods and intoxicating chemicals, and eat raw, quick to digest and high water content foods.

Practical Steps You Can Take Right Now!

To build a clear vision you need yourself to be reminded of what you want throughout the day.

Use Posters and Wallpapers Across Your Room

Do you know why pregnant women keep posters of beautiful people all over the place? It’s because somewhere, subconsciously, they know that this is going to affect their child’s physical and mental structure. You can do this too. The change, however, might not happen as quickly as a growing fetus. It may take a year to see visible changes. You can also spend time with people (or watching them on youtube), who have the characteristics that you intend to manifest in yourself.

Envision and Write Down the Personality Characteristics

Ask yourself questions like, what kind of person do you want to become. What color tone and contours would you like to have. Furthermore, define and write down your ideal persona.

You’ll subconsciously begin to dress, eat, feel, breathe and style like the person you’re envisioning. Moreover, you’ll also notice shifts in your psychological and physiological patterns. But don’t be put off as you’ll not see desired changes in your appearance easily. In fact, the last thing you’d want is create resistance in your manifestation to stop it from happening.

Act as though You have Already Become Beautiful

This comes under the list of taking massive action. You need to act as though, you’ve already achieved your ideal beauty. Why? Let me explain.

Our beliefs and mental patterns work on an interesting mathematical model called the Bayes theorem. In simple terms, this suggests, the more references you build that support your belief, the stronger it gets. Eventually, that belief turns into a conviction, as told by Tony Robbins himself.

The Bottom Line

The speed at which your facial contours change totally depends on your ability to concentrate. However, you don’t want to worry about that, if you are obsessed. Obsession takes a force of its own. And also, because you are reading this, I know that you have that seed of obsession within you. You just have the spur the seed through conscious effort.

Follow the steps I mentioned above, and see the changes you notice with time! And one last thing — Don’t be hasty, because, for anything worthwhile, it takes time and energy.

That’s it for this post. Hope you liked the information presented here. If you did, please share and comment below what you think. I am curious! Thank you for reading the post on how to manifest beauty.

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