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How to Use Self-Hypnosis for Manifestation?

How using self-hypnosis can influence you.

In a way, the law of attraction and self-hypnosis are synonymous. To manifest something successfully, you must hypnotize yourself into believing that your wish is already fulfilled. If you don’t, it won’t work! So, it is important to understand the mechanics of self-hypnosis.

Self-hypnosis is only successful when you deeply engage with and live in your mind (through visualization). Your imagination creates good emotions — and that, in turn, build more good pictures in your mind (a.k.a “Glimpses of manifestation“). This creates a snowball effect, and supercharges your manifestation.

The Power of Self-hypnosis

A better word for self-hypnosis is Autosuggestion. Autosuggestions are suggestions we give to ourselves. For example, if I want to become more confident, I’ll imagine scenarios and events, where my confidence is brought to light (inside my own mind). I’d imagine speaking to 1 million people with confidence and power. I’ll imagine talking to experts and see how they agree and appreciate my presence. This way, I’m suggesting a confident image of myself to the subconscious mind. But this doesn’t work unless you do it the right way. I’ll explain my point later.

There are two ways to hypnotize yourself:

  1. Visualization [Learn how to visualize effortlessly]
  2. Repetition of a single thought [Without losing its meaning]

Self-hypnosis won’t work unless you put “feeling” into your thoughts. The subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between what’s imagined and what’s real, so, you must treat your imagination as real life. I think it will be of immense value to you.

Self-hypnosis is the MOST POWERFUL TOOL on earth because it is the medium through which you can influence your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND. Our current situation is a reflection of our own suggestions from past. These suggestions make us who we are!

How to Perform Self-hypnosis The Right Way?

A nonsuggestive thought can never influences you. Or, simply regurgitating a phrase in the mind won’t cut it.

You have to give yourself suggestion by actively searching for evidence why something is true. The more evidences you find, the stronger your belief gets. This concept is based on Bayes theorem, which is mathematically correct.

The conscious mind protects the subconscious mind how a pet dog protects his house. The dog lets the family members in, but barks at strangers. However, you’ll notice that the dog immediately befriends a stranger, if the stranger is familiar to his pack members (a.k.a owners).

Similarly, the conscious mind doesn’t let new ideas and patterns in, unless they are similar to a preconceived belief. The point is, you must slowly and logically move toward a new belief.

Although EVERYONE has ABSOLUTE CONTROL over the material which reaches the subconscious mind, no one practices this control. Because of this lack of voluntary control, people believe that life opportunities and events happen by chance.

The nature of the mind is such that if we don’t saturate it with the thoughts of things and events we want in life, it naturally brings destructive thoughts. It is like a fertile garden where weeds will grow if you don’t sow the desired crop.

Self-hypnosis, Step by Step

Step 1: Ask yourself why… Know where you stand and where you want to go

First, know what you want. Ask yourself questions like,

What do I really want in life?
What do I really want right now?

These types of questions will raise awareness of what you really want in life and naturally draw away your attention from destructive thoughts. You can only pay attention to one thing at a time.

Step 2: Write it down on a piece of paper. (Do exactly as the steps say!)

After you do this, write what you want on a piece of paper. Make a list of things that you want. It can be anything, a person, bank balance, grades, fame, a car, anything. Be very specific in whatever you write. For example, write the exact amount of money you want, write the exact model name, the color, and describe the car’s interior design.

Make sure that you specify the date when you’ll have that thing (Don’t pick impossible dates, you need time to plant information in the subconscious mind).

Step 3: Read it ALOUD twice daily, day and night. [Visualizing works better]

Find some space where you’re alone and read aloud the statements you wrote in the previous step. Do this in the morning just after waking up and at night just before going to sleep.

When reading the statement, SEE AND FEEL (emotion) the thing you are reading, and BELIEVE that you’ll actually have it. This may not happen on your first try, so don’t get discouraged. Just be persistent with it, and have faith in the process.

The subconscious mind doesn’t pick bland thoughts, you’ve got to mix emotions with your thoughts in the spirit of faith. Everything has a price. You’ve got to pay the price by being persistent. Contemplate on questions like “why do I want this?”. Ask yourself, “Is it worth it?” If yes, then just do it!

Self-Hypnosis: How and Why Does it Work?

For instance, a poor villager wakes up in the morning, gazes at the cracked roof of his house, and thinks to himself, “There is a crack on the roof”. Even a thought like this invokes a preconceived state of mind influenced by the environment. This crack may associate with his thought of poverty or certain situation.

We connect every thought with a web of other thoughts. You must create a new web of thought created through this blog post, and induce positive emotions in your mind.

Self-hypnosis is a powerful tool that can create and change our webs. It can improve your grades, raise your income, make you confident, and give you ANYTHING you want in life or keep everything the way it is now.

Why do you have no other option but use It?

You are using it right now as you read this! It is always being used. You just have to take conscious control over it.

How self hypnosis affects the brain.

Self-hypnosis or autosuggestion means self-suggestion.

It is the only agent of communication between our subconscious and conscious mind. Only through the use of autosuggestion, whether using it consciously or unconsciously, can the thoughts reach our subconscious mind.

The repetition of thoughts with involuntary control makes life accidental and more inclined towards luck and jackpots. We don’t want luck. We want success. So, let’s develop voluntary control over our thoughts and write our own destiny.

Things to keep in mind.

Be aware of your mental pattern throughout the day. Don’t judge, criticize, or feel bad about them. Just watch them come and go. Eventually, you will realize that you are the master of your destiny and your perception is the basis of what you witness.

The results of self-hypnosis mainly depend on your capacity to concentrate on a given desire.

To improve the efficiency of self-hypnosis, you must develop the ability to concentrate on a thing. For example, if you are using self-hypnosis for money. Concentrate on the amount of money until you see it in your imagination. Then hold the picture in your mind and feel it.

The subconscious mind only takes orders given to it in the spirit of absolute faith.


Trick the subconscious mind to believe that you will achieve your desire by ACTUALLY BELIEVING IN IT. If you give this statement to your imagination, you will come up with practical ways and definite plans to achieve the object of your desire.

To believe in what’s written here, I assure you that this technique has created millionaires out of homeless people, improved family situations of millions, and manifested prosperity in the lives of ALL THE SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE, you know, in the world. We use this technique either consciously or unconsciously. You can get ANYTHING YOU WANT. You just have to know what you REALLY want. And move toward it!

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