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Law of Attraction Scripting Template – (Free PDF Template)


Since the secret, many people have scripted their way to success, happiness and abundance. In this post, you’re going to learn practical steps to learn to script. And also, at the end of this post, I’ve attached a scripting manifestation template for you. So, you can directly head on and start creating your future today!

We all want many things in life, but it is imperative that you choose one thing at a time. When you choose one thing and keep your focus on having it, you align your energies in that direction. Naturally, many people try to manifest one thing in the morning and then change their goals and suddenly focusing on something else. Don’t do this. Set one goal and stick with it!

If you want to manifest money, withdraw your focus from the desire for attention, love, and peace. Become one with money, so much so that you see money related opportunities in everything you do. To do this, you’ll need a concrete technique that you can follow daily, which is Scripting! So, let’s see how scripting works. And how you can change your life with it.

How Does Scripting Work for Manifestation?

Firstly, attraction cannot be without the word “action”. If you want to attract something, you’ve got to take some action. It doesn’t matter what the action is — Action will align your energies toward having what you want. And writing or visualizing is also a kind of action.

Secondly, our thoughts are tangible but they can also be vague and impermanent. For instance, if I wanted to manifest a car. I’d visualize it. But it won’t be as clearly defined and crystallized until I write it down. That’s why Napoleon Hill in his book “Think and grow rich.” asks his readers to write down their goals.

Once you’ve given a physical form to your goal, you’ve planted the seed. After the process has taken place, you don’t need the physical form, so delete or throw it away. That’s what we are going to do. We will write and fill the script and then get rid of it.

This is important, so you can let go and let god.

Guidelines to Improve Scripting With Example

1. Write as though it’s already yours

A faster way to manifest what you want is to write it as if you already got it. For instance, if I want to manifest a car named Porsche GT3 RS. I’d write something like this.


“I just drove the car of my dreams today. Man, it felt good. The transmissions and clutch were so telepathic and on point. Its color is exactly how I wanted it to be, yellow with a carbon fiber bonnet. Its beautiful roar sounded like a symphony but still terrifying. When I pushed the full throttle, its roar turned into a powerful scream. I could feel it in my heart. I’m so happy and grateful now that I have my own supercar. Thank you, Universe!”

2. Keep your vibrations high

When manifesting anything, you must assure that you’re in a good mood. Maybe you could drink some coffee, play your favorite music or take a nice warm bath. All in all, the happier you are, the stronger your manifestation gets. Be grateful that you’re wishes have come true.

3. Don’t be hasty

With everything set and done, stay alert of thoughts of desperation and wants. Wanting something is opposite of having something! If you feel a need, or if you’ve put a deadline for when you must have that which you’re asking for, then that means that you’ve not visualized well enough. Go back to the workbench and read/write your script and FEEL as though you already got it.

If you ever feel hasty, switch back to the visualization.

4. Put sensory engagement

When you keep your 5 senses active during the time of visualization, your manifestation gets stronger by many folds. Sensory engagement makes your visualization look 100% real and gives clear signals to the subconscious mind of what you really want.

Law of Attraction Scripting Manifestation Template.

Remember to delete the contract right after writing it. Don’t think too much about it. If you printed the universal contract, burn or tear it, and throw it in the garbage after you finish writing on it. The delivery only begins after you’ve destroyed the contract paper (Or that’s how we like to think about it).

How Often Should You Script?

This totally depends on the level of engagement you had when you did the practice. If you have no strong inclination toward manifesting something in your life, then we’d say you can do scripting often (i.e., more than once) — Otherwise, just doing it once and making it a memorable experience is all you need.

If you struggle with writing a script, you could write as though you’re writing your daily diary. Write down the experience you want to have throughout the day as if they really happened. And visualize them as you write. We’ve also attached a scripting manifestation template, in case you have no experience writing daily diary.


Now that you’ve written and destroyed the contract papers. Forget about it and move on with your daily chores. After making any manifestation come true, you don’t continue to think about manifesting it, will it happen or not. Be okay, it doesn’t matter whether it’ll happen or not.

If it doesn’t happen today, it’ll happen tomorrow.

Also, remember that if you asked for something big, like a big change in life. You’ll encounter a fearful moment that you’ll have to overcome with faith. Bob Proctor calls it the terror barrier.

To receive anything worthwhile you must pay the price asked. And the price is not something crazy, it will just be the old patterns and false beliefs you have about yourself.

Thank you for reading this post. I hope you liked the scripting manifestation template. Happy manifesting.

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