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How to Feel Good When Manifesting?

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The law of attraction is the belief that one’s thoughts can manifest into reality. The theory is based on the idea that what one thinks about or focuses on will come into their life. But most people find law of attraction difficult because they are not happy with their lives, can’t feel good when manifesting.

The external situations influence us so much that we block ourselves from tapping into a creative state where manifestation begins. And also, vibration plays a major role in manifesting the things you desire. They help you communicate with the universe freely and bring your thoughts into reality.

You can apply the feeling good principle to any area of life where you want to manifest something. It energizes and gives momentum to the creative force, that is you!

We, humans, know so little about our own system that we don’t understand what’s actually helping us and what activities are sabotaging our vibrations.

In this post, you’ll learn 5 ways to keep your vibrations high. And we also have a special book that’ll help you understand the human system to its core (energy and consciousness), and how you can use it to master manifestation.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Starting

Firstly, never force yourself to feel good when you’re feeling ‘not so good’. If you resist your current patterns of thought and try to feel good now, you’ll definitely bounce to an even lower vibration. It is human nature to want things to their fullest extent β€” But you must slow down, and read the entire article before proceeding.

Secondly, follow the steps! 99% of people never take action on what they know! Don’t leave things up for later, do them now! This is crucial if you want change. And if you postpone the activities or don’t take them seriously, your power to incorporate new patterns in your life will get weaker.

5 Ways to Feel Good When Manifesting

#1. Do What You Love, But it Should Be Guilt-Free!

We all have a feel-good point beyond which we believe we don’t deserve it. Due to this limiting belief, we often manifest bad things after manifesting a lot of good things. If you shed light upon this lie, it will vanish. And soon, you’ll notice that you’re feeling better and better day by day!

#2. Journal Daily!

Journaling can help release negative emotional patterns and bring superstitions to light. Jot down how you feel, introspect and then write why you feel so. We’ve written an amazing article on self-love journaling, and have also provided worksheets that’ll crystallize self-love in you. It’ll be a great starting point for you!

#3. Ask the Right Questions!

Asking the right questions is essential to thinking the right thoughts and feel good when manifesting. Instead of asking whether β€” I’ll be able to do it or not, ask β€” what do I want, why do I want it, how will I get it, how will I feel when it manifests, what will I say to my friends and family, how will they react, what will be my next goal, and so on!

These questions will help raise your vibrations, for they’ll make you think the right thoughts.

#4. Manifest the Right Things, First!

Many experts say that you must always focus on the end result. Don’t do that! If you see the 1 million in your bank account and you don’t know how it got there β€” your visualization and emotions will be vague.

Vague emotions bring a lot of arbitrary conditions to your manifestation and lower your frequencies. For example, instead of manifesting money, you’ll manifest an email that asks you to invest in a get rich quick scheme β€” Red flag! Because you don’t know you are slightly fearful, you’ll manifest red flags here and there. And this is just one example.

#5. Micro-manifest!

Create small goals toward your dream. Then visualize everything going as planned. For instance, manifest getting your business name registered successfully, manifest customers and orders from around the world, positive feedback, getting featured on famous blog and so on!

This will define your future emotional state (When manifestation has happened), crystallize them and help you feel good when manifesting.


Success comes from definite decisions, feel-good visualizations and action. And if you want to master the law of attraction itself, then you’ll need the support of yoga. Different forms of yoga change your vibrations in such a way, your body naturally begins to perceive the universe from god’s eye (or from the eyes of the creator). Yoga makes you a manifestation master!

Understand the universe and human system to its core through yoga and the knowledge it endows! Samyukti (book) answers every single question, and turns you into a manifestation master! Check it out on amazon!

Samyukti: An Eternal Manifestation Guide (Free!)
SAMYUKTI presents itself in its unique way by exhibiting how the law of attraction and awareness are actually one and the same. Since the author comes from an engineering background the unique presence of book brings utter logic and comprehension to the domain of spirituality and occult sciences. Discover the nature of the universe and how and why is it that it manifests your thoughts into reality.

What is the force behind all of creation and everything that you attract in your life?

The mysterious existence of a so called universe is intriguing. We have come across so many theories of why and what has caused the beginning of this universe, yet our logics are constrained by time and causation, trapped inside the framework of the logic that our minds show us.

Is there a way to truly know?

Shubhanshu Rawat dissects the nature of awareness and why it is the way it is. Why awareness manifest “thoughts into things” and how it is connected with the law of attraction. Realize that all of sciences, religion, ideas and concepts originated not from the nature of the universe, but from our own awareness.

β€œIf you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. ” – Nikola Tesla.

Thanks a lot for reading! Hope you found this helpful. You can access free Samyukti audiobook if you scroll to the bottom. However, getting a hard copy from amazon will help us immensely. Thank you!

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