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Christmas Best Wishes Infographics

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!

Let’s use the power of attraction to manifest what we want this Christmas. We know that our beliefs create our reality. So follow the steps given in the infographics and receive all that you’ve wished for. This is the time of joy. We can leverage the high vibration of the globe and manifest our desires into reality with a few steps.

I’m having a great time. Have been off coffee for a while now, and ah, it feels to have some coffee and listen to your favorite music. I usually listen to this amazing radio channel on youtube.

Don’t forget to raise the vibration as much as you can. Enjoy your holidays and spread love across the globe! Thank you for everything because, without all of you, this website is nothing. Really grateful for this amazing year. Let’s move towards 2022 with a joyful frequency and shift our reality to attract love, prosperity, abundance, and wealth… Everything good!

The PDF version below the image…

Christmas law of attraction infographics

Here Are Some Christmas Affirmations!

  1. This is the most joyful and blissful day of my life.
  2. My nature is celebration.
  3. I am instinctually joyful.
  4. This Christmas has changed my perspective and raised my vibration.
  5. I feel so good in this moment. Thank you God!
  6. What a beautiful day to celebrate!
  7. I expect this day to bring prosperity, love, abundance into my life.
  8. The warmth of my love and joy radiates across the globe and perishes all darkness.
  9. I am love and light.
  10. My love for nature and God raises each day.
  11. Every day I get closer to knowing myself.
  12. The better I feel, the closer I get to knowing who I truely am.
  13. I want to dance, sing and celebrate my life out!
  14. I am so grateful for receiving everything I wished for!
  15. I thank the universe and wish that everyone on this planet receives what they desire.

Thanks again! Here are some fun Christmas games you can try with your kids and family members!

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