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How To See Your Auras Color, and What They Mean?

Auras meaning

The knowledge of Auras has been around since the beginning of humanity. Many mystics have developed extra-sensory perception through the practice of attention. They can see anyone’s past, present, and future just by observing their aura. But the question is, what is an Aura? Auras colors meaning. Let’s find out what auras are and understand their significance!

What is Aura?

Every physical form has a subtler manifestation that exists between the psychological and physical world. Or in other words, it is a form of unmanifested energy. But wishing to have the power to see these energy signatures in people and things is pointless because it is not a good point to start.

The only reason why the science of aura has made a clash with the cancel culture is that people are trying to see things they cannot see. This causes hallucinations — because if I can’t see it, I’m not good enough, right? — People fool themselves into thinking that they can see. No! there’s no need to see auras. Auras are a manifestation of our own minds.

Aura’s come in different colors, shapes, and sizes. A person can even have his aura body outside his physical form. For instance, you can see a person’s aura walking beside him either on the left or right side.

Synonym And Definition of Aura

Aura is called by different names all across the globe. Some people call it vibe, energy field, and some call it frequency. Ultimately, they’re talking about the same thing.

Auras are a form of unmanifest vibrations. That is, they don’t exist in physical form. They’re made out of the same substance as our thoughts and emotions. From pitch black to bright white, different humans can have different types of auras.

How to See Aura?

People make the mistake of trying to see auras. Don’t do this because it’s pointless. If you really want to see an aura, focus on self-knowing first. Look within yourself and explore the uncharted territories of your awareness. Everything we perceive in this reality happens in our own minds.

When you slow your breath and become calmer and calmer, you begin to see things that others cannot see. Here are the steps you can take to witness auras:

  1. Close your eyes.
  2. Breathe hastily and deeply for about a minute.
  3. Draw your attention to the center of your eye brows and keep your eyes closed for one more minute.
  4. Open your eyes, breathe calmly and see everything with attention.

This practice will help you feel and see the auras of things around you.

Colors of Auras, Their Meaning and Attributes

An aura can be pitch black, pure white or it can have a million shades between these colors. Different colors of aura radiate different impressions. For instance, we all know that red portrays anger and aggression, orange means vibrance and power, green radiates nature and love, etc.

It’s not just about colors but also the intensity, the spread, and the position of the aura.

Here are some generic colors of Aura and what they tell about your personality type.

Aura Colors

Black aura

You might have heard that a person with a pitch-black aura is dark, selfish, hateful, and depressed. That is not true. Someone who has a black aura is a very sensitive person. Their emotions can easily be turned around by external situations because the color black, readily absorbs every other color that touches it.

The good part is, they can also absorb a tremendous amount of energy by keeping themselves in positive places and situations.

Green Aura

We, as living beings, have a close connection with the color green. Green signifies life energy. If you are perceptive of auras and you’ve seen a spiritual healer before, you would have noticed that their aura is green, which radiates from their heart.

If you have a strong green aura, you’ll notice that plants become more vibrant in your presence over time. People with this aura are usually either rightist or extreme-rightists. They also like to travel.

Indigo Aura

Indigo color is the color of Ajna chakra. People with indigo aura have intellectually and energetic-wise realized the nature of the universe. They see everything as one and they know that their mind is imaginary. However, they’ve not reached there totally.

Their decisions and actions include everyone in the picture.

Yellow Aura

Joy, involvement, and health. People with a yellow aura actively involved themselves with life, which may also create a deep attachment with people. You can also expect personal power from these individuals. However, the degree of personal power also depends on how sharp and intense their aura is.

Sky blue Aura

Sky blue aura resembles personal power beyond the physical forms, which means they are so focused and powerful that even the universe conspires to help them. They are also very perceptive of phenomena that are unseen by an average eye.

A person with a sky blue aura is vast like an ocean or sky.

Dark Purple Aura

You might have seen many cartoon and anime characters with dark purple aura with straight lines over their head. It is used to portray depression. However, dark purple aura represents lack of energy. When someone has a dark aura, they’re not opening up to a bright and – specifically – positive life. They might be enjoying superficially, but not really bright. Their personality is attractive to their own types.

The bottom line

Auras have been given different connotations and meaning all across the globe. To see an aura, stop trying to see them. Rather, focus on knowing the self, seeing the self and you’ll see things beyond the auras. You’ll be able to see the very substance that manifests the creation around you.

Are auras the ultimate deciding factor of your destiny? Absolutely not. Auras are more superficial than even the skin. Your destiny is decided by your action/karma. Auras can be easily changed or concealed.

That’s it for this post. Thank you for reading the post on auras’ meaning and significance. Comment and share what you think. Here are some posts that you’ll like:

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