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What is The Law of Attraction Exactly?

Imagine if you could manifest situations and things into your life just through a single visualization exercise. Yes, it’s totally possible, and that’s what the law of attraction is all about. This goes deeper than “creating the right mindset to achieve things”. Your thoughts can and do manifest experiences/things into your life. Look back and see, your beliefs have always manifested certain experiences in the future. The law of attraction’s key principle is based on just this: You attract what you think about the most.

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Whether you want to attract money, a specific person or a perfect physique into your life, you’ve got to start with addressing your beliefs. If you believe you can have that house, car, or lifestyle, you CAN have it.

Once you know exactly what you want, visualize it in your hands (or with you). It’ll hardly take 5 minutes.

If you’re a beginner, start with visualizing something small because it’ll be believable for you. For instance, visualize that you found a feather on the ground, define it’s shape, size, color, and texture in your mind. Once you’ve completed this exercise, go on with your day. I assure you, you WILL FIND that feather within a few hours.

When applying the law of attraction “feeling” is the key. Trying to manifesting something big like financial success will not happen overnight because (1) you won’t know what it feels like and (2) it won’t be believable for you. Many people fail due to these very reasons.

As you visualize something, you need to FEEL as if it’s already yours. And this will only happen when you’ll truly believe that the law of attraction works.

If you cannot feel a big change coming into your life, start from manifesting something small and believable. Once you know that the law of attraction works, you’ll be able to manifest big things effortlessly.

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