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This section covers many esoteric spiritual topics and law of attraction insights that one may need to understand to manifest powerfully and miraculously.

Many law of attraction concepts are based on a science that’s within the scope of human intelligence and understanding, which when understood well, can help one manifest miraculously.

Does Law of Attraction Work?

A monkey asked, does law of attraction work? The universe said, “Well, because the science of attraction/creation is tainted by many smiling fake gurus online, I have to say, law of attraction doesn’t work — or at least not how they say it works. However, there is, definitely, a science to creation that created this …

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What is the True Meaning of Krishna?

The whole internet has got it wrong! Because the ancient scriptures and Veda-puranas were written in Sanskrit, the meaning and interpretation of Krishna was dilated. So, people began correlating Krishna’s personality with attractiveness and the color blue. Even Wikipedia’s definition of Krishna is wrong! In truth, the word Krishna or Krishan comes from a Sanskrit …

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Can You Really “Master” The Law of Attraction?

Mastering the ‘law of attraction’ comes from a preconceived belief that you are not the master, and therefore, you shouldn’t manifest things effortlessly. The truth is, while mastering the law of attraction per se is not the right approach to manifestation, you can definitely develop qualities that make your manifestation effortless. Therefore, your goal mustn’t …

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