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11 Powerful Spiritual Affirmations To Change Your Life

We all have a desire, a longing to become whole. But over thousands of years and countless lives, you and I have built habits and a state of awareness. These habits and patterns block us from knowing who we really are. Spiritual affirmations will help you realize your true nature by drawing your attention towards your awareness.

Introduction to spiritual affirmations

Life is a spiritual journey. We grow and develop awareness like a sandbox game, where you increase your level each time you play. So using affirmations that remind you of your true nature and wake you up will grow you spiritually and take you closer to your dreams.

Spiritual affirmations are food for your soul. Have you ever noticed that you don’t feel hungry when you are aware? This happens because concentrating upon the self is a subtle food. Your body starts to feed off of awareness (Not that you’ll not need food after becoming spiritually aware).

Why use spiritual affirmations?

We have fallen asleep. We have built such a strong habit of involvement with the world that it feels real and important to us. The world in reality is just a game we play with ourselves. We create ourselves, we eat ourselves, and build homes from our bodies. Everything is one and we are one. We are the universe. But through conditioning caused by this eternal cycle of life and death, we have forgotten who we truly are.

You can only remember everything when your mind becomes silent and you see everything in its true form, which is God. You can read more about who we are here.

These affirmations will solely silent the mind because they are food for our soul. A soul can only become silent when it is satiated (feeling contentment).

11 Spiritual Affirmations.

  1. I am awareness.
  2. I watch my breath throughout the day.
  3. My mind is silent.
  4. I flow like a silent river.
  5. I become that which I see.
  6. Mind and body belong to me, I am not the minds, nor the body.
  7. My body moves, my mind changes, but I remain the same.
  8. When I close my eyes, I see brightness everywhere.
  9. I explore new things and build new habits each day.
  10. I’m on a journey towards self-realization.
  11. My inward journey is filled with adventure and surprises.

Some of these affirmations would not appear spiritual at first because they are words for your soul. Slowly these affirmations will silent your mind. And as your mind becomes more and more silent, you’ll start to feel something you’ve never felt before. Your mind begins to explode with waves of bliss.

why does this bliss appear?

These waves are not from silence but from Kundalini. Don’t be bothered about it because it will not come when you want it to come. It’s like a cat. It appears spontaneously and fills your whole mind and body with energy, joy, and bliss.

Appreciate its presence and thank it. It is your treasure. You’ll notice that when you thank it, it creates even more explosions of bliss and happiness.

It is so joyful that you’ll start tearing up, so make sure you’re alone when using these affirmations (if crying in public bothers you).

Can Affirmations lead to spiritual enlightenment?

Enlightenment is a long (very long) journey. The affirmations will not take you there, they can only take you in that direction. The only important point I’m trying to make is, it doesn’t matter how long the journey is unless you take the first step.

Once you’ve taken the first step, you are not that far from the destination. Because here there is no path. You can know the truth right now if you really want to.

A person who doesn’t make the first step will never reach the destination because he/she is more focused on reaching the destination. A person who is more focused on taking the next step than reaching the destination will reach there in no time.

Enlightenment is not something to seek, the truth is what must be known and it is revealed when you see it — The way it is.


Spiritual affirmations are just the medium to embark and focus more of your energy on the spiritual journey. Affirmation focus and align your energies towards the thing they affirm. You can learn more about affirmations here (What is the power of autosuggestion?)

Practice spiritual affirmations daily, listen to them by converting them to an audio file. You can also pick one that resonates with you and speak it loudly in the back of your mind. This will slowly but surely make your mind calmer and more blissful.

Thank you for reading this post on spiritual affirmations. Make sure you share it with your loved ones because sharing is caring. Also, comment below on what works for you, so everyone can benefit from your gifts. Thank you!

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