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30+ Positive Affirmations For Morning to Change Your Life.

Positive affirmations for morning


Positive morning affirmations play a vital role in attracting wealth, happiness, and joy in life. Many successful and well-known people like Jim Carrey, Jennifer Lopez, and Oprah Winfrey used it to attract wealth and fame beyond measures. So, let’s explore some powerful positive affirmations for the morning that’ll shift your reality day and night.

What Are Affirmations?

Affirmations are POWERFUL TOOLS! They can change your identity, remove obstacles and hurdles of life, and even change the way you perceive reality! But because they are so potent you must also know how detrimental they can be if not employed correctly.

For instance, on the off chance you get struck by a fever, and you assert “I’m not sick”. You’d say “Everything seems fine with it“! But it will conjure a feeling of neglect each time you iterate such thought.

Your body will release illness at its natural pace. A healthy you will never affirm “I’m not ill” in the first place. So similarly choose your positive affirmations for the morning wisely. Do not pick negative words like no, not, can’t, etc. Think of what you want and affirm that instead.

How Do Affirmations Work?

Affirmations prime our mind to perceive positives in everything and thereby showing us opportunities that we didn’t see before. They also induce the collective consciousness and superconsciousness to be on our side.

They can impact our subconscious mind and perceived reality. Furthermore, the second our impression of reality transforms, we become discerning to positive things and thus completely change ourselves! And affirmations that induce specific sentiments in our body also manifest specific concentration places in our body. Concentration points can really impact our perspective totally, truth be told.

There is a famous anecdote. When Magellan’s ship first appeared near the shores of the newly discovered America, the natives, having never seen a ship before, not only didn’t recognize it, but it was so out of their world view, they didn’t even see it.

In spite of the fact that there is no proof of this gossip, it makes sense of the force of the subconscious mind very well. Our subconscious mind is the premise of our discernment and in this way the premise of our perspective or perceived reality. A negative mindset squelches positive parts of things and draws in misfortune.

In fact, our whole identity is a result of the same thoughts we have said to ourselves day and night for years.

The positive morning affirmations will transform you into the person you want to become within 2 weeks.

These affirmations are carefully designed for you. You can put a 5 or 10-minute timer and read them, and when you read them, BELIEVE that they are true. This is a great way to convince the subconscious mind!

In order to get the most out of affirmations, we must employ phrases that are not in neglect or in denial of our current situation. This would give us a clear idea of the types of affirmations we must and must not employ in our daily practice.

Generic Positive Affirmations For A Great Morning Routine!

Remember these are general positive affirmations. [Anyone can use!]

  1. I have the ability to achieve the object of my Desire.
  2. Everyday, I feel lighter and lighter.
  3. The universe is infinite and so—I have an abundance of Money, Happiness, and Love.
  4. Nothing matters! really! I can do anything I want.
  5. Everything in my life is perfect.
  6. I know that the dominating thoughts of my mind will eventually transform themselves into outward physical action and eventually transform themselves into physical reality.
  7. I make quick decisions and change them slowly, if I ever do.
  8. Nothing in the world is worth more than who I really am.
  9. I am awareness that permeates through everything.
  10. My body feel better day by day. I eat healthy and live wealthily.
  11. I don’t care whether I win or lose. Both are equal.

Mega Tip: Find evidence of these affirmations being true from your memory of good past events.

Your affirmations must be more like a suggestion than a demand letter!

Should Affirmations be Gender Specific?

There are two traits in this universe, masculine and feminine. However, the genders are conceived by our society, they are not existential in nature. Feminine and masculine, both need different kinds of conditioning to prosper in life.

For instance, if you are a masculine being, and you concentrate upon empowerment, you might empower your ego. Maybe not, but most likely you would because masculine is offensive by nature. Furthermore, things like looking beautiful and attracting dominant personalities in your life wouldn’t be positive affirmations for you to do in the morning.

Offensive not in the sense that they are evil, unstable, or want to inflict harm. You can say that masculinity creates inertia because of its nature to get agitated easily.

Feminine is passive. It waits for the inertia to agitate it. But once agitated, it engulfs all (not through offense).

Following are some affirmations for feminine personalities.

Affirmations for Women Empowerment

Following are affirmations for women who want to achieve something, feel lighter, empowered, or experience true happiness and peace in life. Make sure to recite or listen to them every day!

  1. I am empowered and a self-reliant human being.
  2. My life and awareness permeates with positivity.
  3. I am an independent and confident human.
  4. I know that my soul is far greater than anything I can have in life.
  5. My purpose and reasons are defined. I move towards my goals every day.
  6. I am supported and protected.

Affirmations that’ll Make Kids Sharper

Now, these should be delivered through different means.

Kids Positive Affirmations Are Going to Be Different

Kids are not going to visualize or recite affirmations by themselves. But you can make posters and drawings that portray different positive attributes you want to develop in your children or in school.

Remember to keep these affirmations subtle but very clear.

For instance, if you want to develop creativity and a sense of adventure in kids, print a beautiful poster of Minecraft (A video game) and stick it to the wall.

You can add additional phrases close to that poster like:

  1. Beauty is in nature.
  2. Creativity is the language of god.
  3. Nature is disciplined, for it never fails to grow flowers in the spring.
  4. Beauty is in the nature. Wouldn’t a camping site be fun?

So whenever kids look at the beautiful Minecraft scenery, they associate the nearby quotes with creativity and adventure. (Don’t fill it with too many words)

Remember! Associations are everything. Neurons that fire together, wire together.

Affirmations for Advancing Men

Now, these affirmations are generic. They apply to everyone. If you think you need different or custom-made affirmations that improve a specific area of your life, then you can make your own affirmations. Just remember to not make them too aggressive.

Aggression comes from a deep belief of lack. You don’t get aggressive over things you already have, do you? It’s just like that.

Here are some generic affirmations for men:

  1. I am a successful achiever.
  2. I feel contentment and gratefulness in what I have.
  3. Nothing is worth more than my soul.
  4. I’m down to earth and a loving person.
  5. Confidence, power, abundance, happiness and compassion resides in my heart.
  6. I have a strong sense of justice and a strong work ethic.
  7. I make quick decisions and act on them immediately.

Affirmations to Kick the Anxiety Away!

Dealing with anxiety can be a real monster, but not when you know the science behind affirmations and anxiety. Anxiety was a beast to fight during my college days. When you don’t want them, you become anxious about having them.

Do you know, when we move our attention away from something we don’t want, our energy slowly withers away from it?

So, to deal with anxiety, we won’t fight it, we won’t come to terms with it, we’ll just not pay attention to it. Let yourself be anxious!

Detaching Ourselves From The Result

It also means, meditation is exactly the opposite of anxiety because, in meditation, we just watch ourselves. No matter what comes to the mind, it is seen as something seen in a movie. I’ve discussed many meditation techniques in this post => Spiritual Meditation. Furthermore, through spiritual meditation, you will develop a practice of watching your emotions and thoughts as an observer.

If I were to explain the technique briefly in this post, I’d say just watch your breath flow in and out, throughout the day.

Of course, you’ll forget about watching the breath, but whenever you realize that you got lost in your thoughts, slowly bring your attention back to your breath. You can also remind yourself to watch your breath whenever you feel anxious.

One important thing to note when you feel anxious is “to breathe in from your pelvis”, in the sense, your entire belly and pelvis should expand as you breathe in. Doing so will naturally calm you down. In fact, here you’re using your breath as an affirmation. Also, remember to flow in and out with your breath as if your awareness is moving with it. Learn more about this meditation here.

Positive Visualizations also act as affirmations

For the morning routine, it is good to have a visualization regime that you can follow every day. Visualizations are affirmations on steroids.

By visualizing things that a non-anxious person would do. Imagine yourself, talking to a huge audience with confidence and when you do, think about how well you perform. If you want a real touch to this, actually prepare before you perform it in your visualization! When visualizing, do it in one shot. Imagine that you are giving a speech to the astral audience, who are actually listening to you and enjoying it. See their faces and their cheers when you enter the room and speak.

You can even go as far as watching famous speakers on youtube and try to replicate them. Prepare for it like you would if you were to actually speak in front of a million people.

If you believe that’s too much, it’s totally fine! Just visualize talking to a bunch of friends. Visualize sharing your ideas with them.

Radiate Self-Confidence with these affirmations

We can use the Napoleon Hill formula to develop self-confidence. Napoleon Hill explains the secret formula to having unbreakable confidence in his book Think and Grow Rich.

You can download this PDF file or save it as a bookmark. [PDF]

Affirmations for Bright and Successful Students

Now, affirmations can really really improve a student’s performance, because students are willing to follow through with it. Furthermore, if you are one and want to develop healthier habits, or improve your grades, then this is for you. However, don’t forget to stick these affirmations somewhere where you can see them.

  1. I spend my time with good students.
  2. My grades are improving.
  3. My concentration levels are increasing.
  4. I’m actually having fun learning new things daily.
  5. I love to practice and hone my skills.
  6. My performance and productivity has skyrocketed.
  7. I have the capability to think fast and deeply.

If you want additional guidance over being a good student, check these out:

  1. How to Concentrate on Studies? [3 Step Process]


The principle of Autosuggestion has been talked off and used by many successful and powerful people in the world, including Gandhi and Hitler. It means we can use affirmations constructively and destructively.

So, these were the best positive affirmations for the morning that can change your life. A good idea is to recite them daily for 100 days and you’ll fall into a habit! Moreover, these words are powerful to create the life you want and manifest happiness and success.

We know that your time is valuable, therefore we are devoted to bringing you quick, plain, and informative articles, so you can spend your time building your dreams!

Here are some references for your research: Wikipedia

Affirmations from the standpoint of modern psychology: psychologyWiki

So these were the positive affirmations for your morning routine that will make your days better and better!

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