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44 Powerful Monday Affirmations That Will Make Your Week.

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Monday affirmations that’ll make your week and bring positivity to your life!

Do you wake up feeling good on Mondays? I know for sure, I do!

I love my work, the people I work with, and that beautiful extra dose of coffee. It makes my day even better. You know, to change anything in life, we have to feel good in the present moment.

Okay, I understand that you might be having so many circumstances at work, all the deadlines, meetings, stressful presentations, anxiety, that colleague at work, you know right?… okay, okay, wait!

Maybe things are not that bad for you…

What if I say, you just got to chill and let the universe do the heavy lifting for you?

I know for a fact that, when you just chill and feel good in the present moment, things start to change for good. I remember getting stressed over such small things. The moment I stopped paying attention to the negative emotions, they disappeared.

Monday Affirmations For Morning Positivity.

  1. My entire week is going so good.
  2. I can see something auspicious coming my way.
  3. I am so happy and grateful now that my life is aligning towards my dream.
  4. My world is filled with positivity, abundance, and opportunities of success.
  5. Everyone loves me for who I am, and I love every single soul for who they are.
  6. I feel so light and peaceful, I feel blessed.
  7. Thank you for giving me so much, yet asking me to just be me.
  8. I’ll forever be grateful for the bright future I have ahead.
  9. Wherever I go, I fill everyone with light and love.
  10. I know that where awareness goes, it grows. So, I devote my attention to all the good things.
  11. I am a creator. My beliefs are strong. I manifest a powerful life ahead.

Monday Affirmations For Health

  1. I feel healthy, powerful, and so alive.
  2. I know that my thoughts create reality. So, I pay attention to positive things.
  3. I build positive habits and eat healthy food.
  4. The longer I chew, the healthier I get.
  5. I love to exercise and keep my fitness on track.
  6. I sleep peacefully and wake up feeling energized.
  7. I breathe deeply and slowly.
  8. I think positive thoughts and live a positive life.
  9. I take care of my body, mind, and spirit.
  10. I don’t need stress management, because I don’t feel stressed.
  11. Work is like a game for me.

Monday Affirmations to Attract Wealth.

  1. I am a money magnet.
  2. I attract money effortlessly.
  3. Money comes to me in increasing quantity every day.
  4. I can already see the money coming towards me this week.
  5. I am rich and abundant.
  6. Everyone loves and appreciate me for my work.
  7. I provide value to the people I meet.
  8. I feel grateful now that I am financially free!
  9. It worked out for me.
  10. I am lucky.
  11. I don’t even know where I’ll spend all this money!

Gratitude Affirmations For Monday.

  1. Thank you for giving me what I asked for, universe.
  2. I am so grateful that I am alive.
  3. Thank you for the air I breathe
  4. I feel blessed.
  5. All positivity comes from my heart.
  6. Thank you, for giving me the power to create my own destiny.
  7. I love my body, mind, and soul.
  8. Thank you for everything.
  9. I blessed with good friends and family.
  10. Isn’t it such a great day to be alive?
  11. I make my life better each day, thank you!

Don’t they feel impactful?

I loved, as I came up with each one of them.

They filled me up with the light of awareness and not only made me bring my attention towards all the good things in life, but also made me withdraw my attention from all the negative, heavier thoughts.

The only prerequisite to having an amazing life is feeling good in the now.

Monday Manifestations Voice Clips

As I was writing this, I thought, having an audio clip for these affirmations would be really great and have a greater impact on your manifestation. This is because when you are not paying attention to the affirmations, they tend to slip away into the subconscious mind, where all the manifestation magic happens.

Monday manifestations voice clips


You can put these affirmations on a loop and play them when working or doing other activities. Know that you don’t have to pay attention to things that make you feel bad or lower your vibrations.

When you focus on feeling good and being happy in the NOW. You manifest everything effortlessly — Because you get closer to your true nature.

Do you know? That there is always a place where you can be even happier than you are now. So, stop thinking and doubting yourself, you are worthy and valuable for the universe. You are already doing your part by being you and that is all there is to living a happy and fulfilling life. Life is simple and effortless.

Hope you like these Monday affirmations. I hope that I helped you feel happier and raised your vibration. If I did, subscribe to my newsletter to get notified whenever I upload more posts.

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Thank you for reading. Have a bright, light, and jolly day.

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