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5 Powerful Affirmations to Manifest Anything You Want

Do you remember when you were first introduced to the LOA? You saw synchronicities and miracles everywhere. If you can recall, you’ll find that you started with little things β€” Then maybe, got lost in the mundane cycles of life. So, here are 5 powerful affirmations to manifest and step into your true power.

Millions know about this law, yet why is the world still so mundane? Why are we so dull?

It certainly makes you question β€” How can someone get something so powerful, exciting, and magical without paying a price? This might sound like my own limiting belief, but believe me, there’s a truth to it.

Affirmations to Manifest And Step Into Your True Power

Have you ever questioned why experts say it manifested for them when defeat overtook them?

From my perspective, your manifestation power totally depends on how easily you can surrender. In truth, someone without faith can never surrender.

My body, mind, and soul are yours. I surrender my all.

When we believe we are something or someone, we create resistance. In fact, this resistance toward life weakens our power to manifest.

Furthermore, have you seen the manifestation preachers in the LOA industry? They are humble people who are always willing to help others β€” Because they don’t believe they are millionaires or Giga-philanthropists. They just know β€” They are something far greater.

I am not the body β€” I am not the mind β€” I am the observer.

We have countless beliefs around our identity. We believe we are humans, belonging to a certain country, race, and religion. However, in truth, every belief is our own creation. Moreover, these beliefs create a web of lies and limiting beliefs around manifestation too.

Your power is not in how strong you are β€” not even in how much you know about the law of attraction. Your true power is β€” You can be anything you want.

I am β€” And that is my greatest power

Affirmations to Manifest No-resistance

We also have a habit of creating resistance, when it doesn’t serve us. As a result, we become its slave and stop ourselves from stepping into our true power. This is the greatest obstacle in almost everyone’s life.

We think we are fighting, struggling, and taking hard actions toward our goals. But in truth, we are just putting up an imaginary wall to climb before things manifest.

If you drop this wall, everything will come to you.

I am effortless β€” I move, act and think with no effort.

When you are effortless, everything comes to you, even if you don’t take any action. This happens because the universe, from its very nature, is effortless. It can even destroy our planet with no effort and not resent our deaths.

I am the master of my fate

The bottom line…

Manifest using affirmations
Stepping into your true power

Affirmations are so powerful, they can even change your life. However, only when they are used consistently. You can learn more about the power of autosuggestion or self-hypnosis here.

You can follow the 777 manifestation technique and set a schedule for these affirmations. Remember! Immediate action boosts your power to manifest. At the end of the day, you are all the power there is. To elaborate, you are your greatest enemy and your best friend. The choice is yours!

That’s it for this post. If you liked the information, share and comment below. Thank you for reading through. Have an amazing manifestation adventure. Here are some more posts that you will like:

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